Grandma who stole Xanax sent to prison

A local woman, whose pregnant daughter suffers from cystic fibrosis, didn't get her request for a delayed sentence. Instead, her drug-dealing ways netted her a prison term.
Cary Ashby
Oct 4, 2012


The defendant wanted her sentencing hearing delayed a week or two so she could check on her daughter, who is four months pregnant and on bed rest.

Her daughter, who has cystic fibrosis, reportedly is supposed to have some "urgent" medical appointments soon.

"I'm really worried about it," said Cheryl M. Allen, 44, of 622 W. Pearl St., Willard.

The delay didn't happen.

Instead, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced Allen to 17 months in prison Wednesday. The judge said he'd consider releasing Allen early -- after about a year -- into a community-based corrections facility (CBCF), a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

"I know I need help with my drug addiction and I don't think prison will help it. I think a CBCF would help more," she said.

In mid-July, Allen pleaded guilty to an amended charge of attempted theft of drugs for a May 24 incident. In a plea deal, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler agreed to dismiss a misdemeanor count of possession of alprazolam in connection with a May 25 offense.

Allen must pay $40 in restitution to the Huron County Sheriff's Office to cover the cost of drug testing. Her driver's license also was suspended for six months.

"She has had trouble staying off the substances," Leffler said, noting Allen is smart enough to know how to sell drugs.

Allen took a man's Xanax and sold it to several people, said the prosecutor, who recommended a year in prison or early release.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo had a different perspective on the case. He said Allen took the medication from the victim "at his request," didn't immediately return it and may have stolen some of the drugs.

"I'm not aware of any commercial trafficking," Longo said.

At the end of the hearing, Conway told Allen he would allow her to stay in the Huron County Jail until Friday so her daughter could visit her. Allen had been released on a personal recognizance bond since mid-July.


Lillie Chaos

Nice proud of her. She cares deeply for her daughter and unborn grandchild. Too bad she did not care enough to get treatment and stop using. Everyone always begs for mercy after they get caught. I think they only regret usage if they are caught. Does anyone ever volunteer for rehab? I am sure her sick daughter and unborn grandchild are better off knowing she is off the streets and not using. Children love their parents unconditionally so am sure the kids are just glad she is alive. Prison is not a vacation but it sure gives the family a break from her drug abuse. Good job Conway. I hope we can keep these addicts off the streets and away from people -- rehab and probation does not seem to be the answer. Lock em up and let them think about it a long time. Their behavior puts the rest of the population at risk......drunk drivers, addicted mothers, theives and every other high flying criminal should should be in fear of the consequences instead of just keep doing what they do regardless of the danger to those around them. Turn the empty school buildings into house arrest facilities -- no one would complain about that. At least everyone would know where they were and not worry about them loose on the streets.


sad....get well lady....glad to see the courts finally doing something to get the point across...and ur right,i bet her kids are just happy she is alive.


She is such a loving and caring parent......AFTER she was caught with drugs. She didnt think of her children WHILE she was making those choices. I have children. EVERY choice I make revovles around THEM. I would NEVER allow myself to be in a situation where I could be taken away from them. DRUGS are a CHOICE.


Lillie, sometimes it takes shock for addicts to realize that they have a problem. Locking away addicts is not treating their addiction. Didn't we learn that recently with a death in the Huron County Jail. Addiction needs treatment that institutions like the CBCF can provide. the issue is that the addict has to want the help.

I would like to know where you suggest we find the funding for house arrest facilities? perhaps we just slap house arrest bracelets on them all or we could put the Lohan type on where the bracelet knows when a substance is being used.

Good job Conway? Conway lets all of the dealers go with slaps on the wrist because they all turned snitches and locks away the user. The system is backwards at best. The cost of addiction treatment costs on average of $30,000 the cost to house an addict in prison $45,000. add to that the amenities that prisoners get, TV, exercise time, etc that we pay for.

Lillie Chaos

Yes, Instant Coffy.....good job, Conway....this poor sorrowful addict is going to have 17 long months to think about what she has done. Her daughter will know exactly where she is and what she is doing and our addict can not harm herself or anyone else.


"InstantCoffy": I agree,that the addict has to want to do it for themselves. No education, sentence will accomplish sober living.

The "system" is flawed I agree. WE the people have the power to change that.All we need to come together,put aside childish judgements of others and get laws enacted to see that the dealers are sentenced,also a 3 strike rule on heroin,opiate dealing, locked away from society for life! Just opinions of a G.O.B!


I totally agree with you!


lady, yes every choice that YOU make revolves around your children, but you are not an addict. An addicted's mentality can be very self-centered. they're searching for that high. You can not compare an average person who has never been addicted to one who has. An addict CAN NOT make the decision to quit for anyone else, but them or it is just a huge set up for failure.


At one time when she FIRST took drugs she was "average person". I am an average person, who has made a choice NOT to do drugs. Everyone has a FIRST time. Noone made her do it, noone made her into an addict. SHE CHOSE to try drugs, she CHOSE to do it. I am sorry the love of my family and my children make me THINK before I act.

Lillie Chaos

@ Instant Coffy.... I would certainly not complain if my tax dollars were used to support individuals in confinement -- I would welcome it. Keep them where we can keep an eye on them and rehabilitate them 24/7 with 12 steps and whatever else it takes to end this addiction. If they can not do it...YES, we do it for them. No mother should lose a son, no child should lose a mother to drugs or alcohol. If someone is not smart enough to make the right choices they should give up any right to chose and have someone make decisions for them. Do I sound radical? This epidemic needs radical action. Who will we see in the paper tomorrow? Who's child will overdose tonight? I would do anything to stop this addiction nightmare.


My mother did love me. and my brothers and sisters Ladydye.
You guys dont know her so stop the judging bull.
Th thing im severely angry about, is that the editor thought he could put MY conditions out for everyone to see.
If i wanted everyone to know MY conditions, id make a freakin broadcast. This Cary Ashby person, has royally pis*ed me off. This story is NOT about Me so i don't even see why im being brought into this crap.
He'll be seing me and everything i have to say. He wasnt there when i went today, but i bet the man who was there, was happy when i left. he got the full blow. and thats what this creetin is going to get also.


I have to say, it's pretty crappy that they put your information out there. I'd be mad as h3ll! I wish you all the best on your pregnancy. I spent 5 months on bed rest with my daughter so I can empathize with that part of your situation. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby :)

Lillie Chaos

@raenewsome No one is questioning who loves who and no one wishes you any unecessary pain. I am a daughter and I have a daughter -- most everyone can understand your feelings. The drug and alcohol epidemic is destroying so many peoples' lives and there seems no end to it. I am angry every time I see another article like this or read of another lost life or hurt child. Hiding it only makes it easier for the addicts to continue. Best of luck. Hopefully you will never have to deal with any of this again.


Id have to say the editor didn't put it out there ur mom did when she told the judge and everyone else that was in the court room that day about u. I do feel bad for u but I think she is way better off in prison. I think she also should of gotten a longer sentance than what she did. She has been to prison many of times and probably cbcs nothing is going to work for her. If it did she would of stayed clean everytime she got out of prison but she didn't she went straight back on it. If she cared anything about u and her grandbaby she would of stayed off of it in the first place but she didn't all she cared about was getting her next fix and that is just sad. So I say keep lockin them up..


I agree with the info being "out there". If your mother or the lawyer brought it up in court it would be in court documents. Court documents are public record. She wanted to use the "sympathy" card to stay out of jail.


yeah she said it in court but was EVERYONE who reads the dang newspaper there? No. Probably like 10 people were there. And i dont care if my mother goes to prison, yeah she needs to get away from the sh*t BUT prison wont help her. She isnt getting the treatment she needs there. everyone should know that. All they're doing is locking her up WITHOUT the treatment. You have no idea what it's like do you? You cant just put someone somewhere and say dont do it then let them go. You have to HELP them.

Its an addiction, yes its sad, but most addicts cannot help it. they need treatment to be able to stop doing it. So don't say keep lockin them up because its NOT helping them.


The mother brought this on, not the paper. She was using her daughter as an excuse card.


No she wasn't using it as an excuse card, this sh*t can kill me that i have, and she was worried. Jesus, do you fools think she doesnt care about sh*t? She's still a person like everyone else. You guys are truly pathetic.


If she was truly concerned for your health, then she wouldn't of been doing what she was. Im sorry....only when I get caught.


Oh yeah? you read minds? Sh*t you must be fu*king rich if you can do that.




And this stupid editor put MY conditions out there so she/he could get a better story. It's pathetic what people will do for a story.


She doesn't think prison will help for the addiction? Prison is the best treatment, there's no access to drugs there. Anyways, these people are beyond spoiled, someone finally needs to lay the smackdown and give them the worst sentence possible. There were good old days when there was such a thing as public humiliation.