Father stabs son in argument about beer

A local man is accused of stabbing his adult son because there was no beer left in the apartment.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 1, 2012


A Collins man is accused of stabbing his adult son in an alcohol-related incident Sunday.

Deputy Chip Deskins and Cpl. Jeff Kerber responded to 2708 Hartland-Center Road at 5:53 p.m. after a report of a domestic dispute and a weapons complaint.

"Upon arrival, deputies found a 56-year-old victim, with a significant knife injury to his arm," Sheriff Dane Howard said.

"During the investigation, deputies did confirm Chester C. Miller, 75, cut his son in the arm," the sheriff added. "The knife would was significant and needed medical attention. The son was transported to Fisher-Titus, where he was later released."

The son reportedly required seven stitches to close the wound.

"There was a fair amount of blood at the scene," Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said. "They took a statement from (the son) while he was at the hospital."

Howard assigned Detective Bill Duncan to the case.

Miller was charged with felonious assault, a second-degree felony, which is punishable by two to eight years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000.

The sheriff provided details of the altercation.

"According to witnesses, the two men started arguing because there was no beer left in the apartment," Howard said. "The crime scene was quite an undertaking to process."

Howard said there was blood everywhere.

"There were signs of violence throughout the home," he said.

Howard said the son, during the incident, grabbed a larger knife from the kitchen in self-defense.

"There is no evidence that weapon was used," he said.

"The sad part was this was an alcohol-related offense," Howard said. "There was significant alcohol consumed and that was a contributing factor."

Howard said a report will be forwarded to Adult Protective Services.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reporter Cary Ashby contributed to this story.




Where is the family to help this man out? Why should WE be responsible? Gets old hearing that WE need to help everyone out when something in their life happens.


Yes, Like @AERO said his family has tried to help for many years. 20 actually. They have contacted all agencies within the county to try and get the help that these two desperately needed for many years now. Chester was at one time a county employee and was a good citizen. He payed into the system and now that he is retired, the system has not helped him, nor his son. It is very sad to see this happen. His son was also a member of our armed forces in his younger years, and still no help from that agency either. Alcoholism is a terrible beast to have to deal with day in and day out.


@ Aero:

Since according to you, the response by the authorities has been inadequate, why do you not take personal responsibility and make the necessary phone calls and do the necessary leg work?

Seems rather useless to banter here.


So Winnie, why do you continue to banter here, every day, week after week? Get a job.


It's called disfunction and wreckage due to ALCOHOLISM !!!!
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@ Contango the family has made calls to all the agencies and that have the power to help in this situation. The family has also had made meeting with the doctors who refused to help as well. The doctors and the agencies have all declined to help with the situation. When the family does everything they can do to help but the people they need to agree with them to be able to access the resources don’t help then the family is stuck. AGAIN THE FAMILY HAS TRIED TO CONTROL THE SITUATION AND THE AGENCIES HAVE REFUSED TO HELP!!!!


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L Cutting

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@ onegirlarmy So your telling me that someone that worked for the county for years and another man that served in our armed forces are not “good citizens”? They paid taxes as well. That would be like me saying that because you developed dementia as you age (also an organic brain disorder) that you are now considered a “bad citizen”. I bet you don’t like it now that the tables are turned do you? Yes they do drink. However this problem could have been taken care of if the system would have worked for them!! But instead the system has worked against them. The agencies that refused to help before the problem got this out of hand were contacted again today. Again the response was that they will not help in any way shape or form.

To everyone who thinks that if we bring back mental health programs that the taxes will go up. Well you could not be more wrong. At any given point 50% or more of our incarcerated population has a mental illness. The prison system is the new age of asylums. If we did bring back the mental health services that society as a whole needs then taxes will actually go down. How is this you say? Well that is because what is more expensive… three hots and cot? OR a one hour meeting every other week to make sure that medication is being followed and that these people are following through with goals no matter how big or small to help them become stable and productive members of society. The recidivism rates of incarceration will fall as well. Thus helping with the overcrowding issues of the prison system and eventually LOWERING TAXES FOR ALL. So please if you’re going to talk about funding issues and that you cannot, do not, and will not pay more taxes then you currently are, then you need to do your research and get facts straight!!


@arnmcrmn were you born to take care of your family members? YES FAMILY HAS BEEN TRYING TO HELP FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS!! But in order to access the services for the mentally ill (what little are still out there) we need referrals. Referrals that are to come from the people at these agencies. I know the person personally who has been trying to help the issue for many many years. She has single handily put aside her own goals and aspirations to take care of these two men, and she should not have had to. She raised five kids, held jobs (most the time more than one at a time) to support and take care of these individuals along with her children. This includes shopping, managing finances, trips to doctors, interactions with primary care physicians, including building over a 30K addition onto her own home to be able to better assist them and cleaning for these two individuals along with the needs of her children and herself. Without respite care, pay, time off, or recognition for her efforts to take care of the problem. When she did reach out to the professionals that are trained to deal with mental illness and addiction there was no response. So why would you have the right to say that “family needs to take care of the problem”? WE HAVE TRIED AND THE SYSTEM HAS FAILD BOTH OF THEM AND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY. To hear from people like you who think it is easier said then done, walk a day in her shoes I bet you would not even last eight hours.

swiss family

In my opinion, to all of the writers who are blaming the "system" for NOT doing something.. I think I have to disagree, given the few facts that are given here.

First of all we have a Father and son living independently.. It doesn't sound like either of them is employed, based on the statement that they were drinking too much on a Monday afternoon or evening. being drunk enough to start pulling knives at 6:00 pm, you would probably have to start drinking earlier than that. If they are living independently without working, it must mean that they are getting money from somewhere to pay the rent, the heat, the phone etc.. and that money probably comes from the "system" To say that Adult Protective services should be involved, maybe you are right, BUT someone has to notify them that something improper might be taking place. did anyone do that???If people are implying that there is a mental disorder, someone also needs to contact them... If alcohol is one of the big problems.. there are places that will help you, they will not force you to get help. You have to go to them,and in this case, I would bet that these two guys did not ask for help, and probably didn't even see their living situation as a problem..Trust me, I am usually thinking that the government agencies are NOT doing their jobs, but here, I think that none of these agencies would get involved on their own , without these people asking for help, or someone notifying them that there seems to be a problem..


@swiss family First of all the paper has some.. well most of their facts incorrect. It was not 6pm at the time of the incident. THESE MEN ARE RETIRED SO YES THEY GET THEIR BENEFITS FOR WORKING UNTILL THEY COULD RETIRE. Also what don’t you understand that the family has built an apartment for them to live in? Because this apartment is connected to the house of their primary care provider they do pay rent, and utilities. Living on the same property in an apartment that is connected to the main care givers house is not considered independent living. The family has notified Adult protective services and this is one of the agencies that has refused to help both before and after the situation. AGAIN WE HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THERE IS NOTING THEY CAN DO ABOUT THE SITUATION TIME AND TIME AGAIN!! So what is your response to that? Case workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians along with others have been made aware of the growing problem and no one has helped. There has been contact made to try to control the mental illness in both of these men and no one has done anything to help again. Along with people being contacted to help with the alcohol problem, again help was denied. There was no follow up to calls, no check ins from workers. Nothing proactive was done in this situation. When the family asks for help it should be enough to get agencies involved when it comes to people with mental illness and addiction problems.

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swiss cheese kat

So they did have time for a beer run?

swiss family

@ Aero.... you must have missed where I said "IN MY OPINION, BASED ON THE FEW FACTS THAT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN HERE"... you ask for my response... OK since you asked I will tell you...I do NOT know of ANYONE who lives for free.. if their living space is connected to someone else's , as you sat.. I can not believe that the owner who is paying ALL of the collective bills would allow that to continue for very long.. without being reimbursed in someway....Also, you say that you and others have contacted countless agencies to get them to get involved here.. that must be true, because I have no reason to think that you would be lying about it... BUT everyone has a boss..if you do not get the satisfaction you are looking for from someplace, especially a tax payer funded organization, you have every right, and actually a duty to find out what was done about it, and why it wasn't addressed properly, ask to talk to their boss, and their bosses boss etc.. trust me, in cases like this if you think it is a worthwhile cause, and if you are willing to put a considerable effort into it, you can and will get to the bottom of why no one is doing their jobs... good luck to you


Well if he has a problem that has been going on for 20+ years, maybeeee just maybe there are some patient compliance issues. Like not taking your meds when you are suppose to. Not following up with appointments because one is feeling better. In this case, stabbing your own son over beer = a heavy alcoholism problem. You know Dr.'s and agencies will only try for so long but if there is no patient compliance, yes they do in a sense give up. What else do you expect?


@swiss family my previous response to you does say that these men “do pay rent and utilities”. We have gone to the bosses of the people that we first spoke to and was denied help. The bosses and heads of the agencies had denied the help too. This has been an ongoing effort for at least twenty years. There has been many different people working in these agencies and many different bosses around. Yet again, people denied help and the bosses and their bosses and so on and so forth.
@arnmcrmn These men take their medications. The problem is that mental illness has a very high comorbidity rate. The highest of these rates happen to be mental illness and alcoholism, which happen to be the issue here. The men take their medication but because of the alcohol the medication is basically voided by the alcohol. Yes I understand about people giving up after a period of time without compliance. However that would mean that someone would have had to try in the first place.

swiss family

Aero.... I do understand your frustration... But this is still America, and it seems here in this case, that the men or one of them, (I don't know) have a mental malfunction, and have been given medications to help them.. THEY are choosing to use alcohol on top of the anti psychotic medications, which , as you know is NOT a good mix... I can understand an agency giving up, if they are trying to help, but they are doing everything that they can to make things worse for them...You can not force them to take their medication, and you can not make them stop drinking on top of them... so it seems like their problem, starts and ends with them... I do not see how any organization can be held accountable for that..

L Cutting

Drinking beer does not an alcoholic make. Drinking Crown shots with beer like I do could!


@Swiff family alcoholism is a disease!!! True they are getting the alcohol themselves to drink, however it does come to a point where this is a serious illness in itself. Have you ever herd of a mentally ill alcoholic admitting themselves into treatment? That just doesn’t happen I have never herd of such a case. I have only herd that the family had been able to get them admitted which is what the family has tired for years and years. The again the agencies have never tried to help. SO there for there could have been a compliance issue.. again because NO AGENCIE HAS TRIED TO HELP!! The organizations should be held accountable because they have been denied help from day one. I don’t know how many times I have to say this.. but again no agency has tried to help ever so there cannot be a compliance issue that they broke. There are a few services for these problems in the area. Those that can do something about it never have, and they still refuse to help in any way after this situation got this far.

Lillie Chaos

I know from personal experience many alcoholics drink all day and night and have no desire to stop or get help or allow help to be given. This is a life experience fact. They drink until the day they can no longer lift their drink or a often violent harmful incident that ends with someone being hurt of even killed. Hard fact. Such a waste. With current social programs there is nothing anyone can do to assist the family. It seems that if they are concious and say they want a beer they have the right to continue abusing themselves and everyone around them. It is not the services in the area....it is the addicts themselves.


OK everyone.. So let me put it this way. I work in the system in a different county. I work with children and teens who are physically, mentally, and developmentally disabled. If I would have responded to any of my consumers’ parents in the way that the family of these two men have been responded to, my license would have been revoked before I even got the chance to hang up the phone. It would have been revoked for being neglect. I do know what agencies should and do have the power to help. We are not ignorant of the system. The system in this case is just not working for these men who desperately need the help and the family would greatly appreciate it!


@Aero. I get your compassion. However, you have to want to help yourself before you truly can be helped. Seems like this guy has been helped plenty of times in the past and continues with his ways. You can't change someone that doesn't want to change.

swiss family

@Aero...I understand your frustration, and usually I would agree that the "system" usually is the problem, I feel that usually they are the reason that nothing is done.. I have to believe that in this case, this is not true here.... these men are adults and unless they are deemed incapable of managing their own affairs, I doubt that the "system" can step in and make them go for help if they do not want it...So, In this case I would imagine that the "system called them, and of course, like any person with an addiction problem, they will say that they do NOT have a problem, and that although they appreciate the offer to help, they see no need for it.. thanks but no thanks!!!It sounds like you want the "system" to pick people that they determine need help and demands that they get treatment... that is not the way that society works.. sorry...OH and in my opinion it is NOT a disease, and to label it as a disease, only enables the addict with the excuse that they are looking for to continue "slipping" and pacifying themselves by saying it is not uncommon, and it is NOT their, fault because , according to you, they have a disease...I know, you will come back and say that however many doctors say that it is... well of course they do, that way they can make money off of it.. but remember they are also the ones telling us that "restless leg syndrome" is a real disease too...???


Obviously there is no point in arguing here. I have presented my facts and made my point clear, that these men have been deemed as unable to make discussions for themselves. These men are mentally ill, addiction is a disease, and the system has failed. I will now leave all you uneducated and uninformed individuals alone. May you find the strength to educate yourselves and find compassion to understand that small town sensationalism capitalizes on other peoples hard times and misfortune.

Lillie Chaos

@ Aero---the uneducated and uninformed, as you put it, are compassionate intelligent people have are not looking for sensationalism but either venting the frustration of not being allowed to help or a part of the community that is governed by laws that specify the addict/alcoholic must request assistance unless they are convicted of a crime. Just because someone has not be arrested does not mean you are not a threat to our community. This community is full of many hard working, caring, real people who have hearts and care about their fellowman. Many of us share the hard times and misfortunes of others....we aren't perfect by a long shot and we may be "ignerunt" but we are not heartless.