VIDEO - 57th district debate

State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township), Democratic challenger Matt Lark and Libertarian challenger Robert Sherwin recently participated in a debate sponsored by the Reflector. Topics included Senate Bill 5, the state budget and cuts, and education.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Oct 1, 2012


During a spirited debate, Republican incumbent state Rep. Terry Boose said his experience and accomplishments make him the best candidate for the 57th district seat.

His Democratic opponent, Matt Lark, of Collins, said he was “made for this job” because he’s a good listener, pays attention to detail and gets things done.

Libertarian challenger Bob Sherwin, of Columbia Station, said he’s not beholden to special interests or unions and “I am one of you.”

The debate was sponsored by the Norwalk Reflector and held Wednesday at the St. Paul Convocation Center. A full story about the debate was published in Thursday's Reflector. To see pictures, click HERE.

Below, please post your thought about the debate and race for the reconfigured 57th district for which these three are seeking election this November.


Guy on a Buffalo

Comment not important as Joe Centers put me in my place.

Joe Centers

The entire debate (minus a brief period during a tape change) is posted. Thanks, Joe Centers


@ JC:

Thanks. You always do a good job moderating.

How about a Lincoln-Douglas style debate sometime? It would make less work for you. :)

IMO, the audience should be advised to subdue the amount of applause and essentially save it for the end.


Mr. Lark stated that during war that "we (the U.S.) pay too much attention to collateral damage"???

So don't worry about innocent civilian causalities and just go Roman on the adversary?

The guy sounds like an authoritarian fascist.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Sounds like,Mr.Lark has no clue as to the Arab mindset .Obviously our Arab enemy's ----never forget---'collateral damage'. Then toss this--- 'collateral damage', grows suicide bombers like daisys in April. (Too bad,he is not a history teacher,huh?)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: My computer sound doesn't work,so I can not get Mr.Lark's exact qoute.Do you have it? If so,kindly pass it along to me.

I pray,your qouting him out of context. Because,besides,the total lack of compassion for human suFFering,Mr.Lark's comment display's. It,also,displays a lack of understanding of how humans( not just Arab's) react to the murder of their loved ones.( And he want's to 'lead' us ?)
State dept. legend John Foster Dulles said it best: " The only thing war leads to is another war" Which if one looks at virtually the ----entire middle-east--- in flames as we speak.They will see the truth of his statement.

Then, if that region,doesn't show the unquestionable results of 'collateral damage' at it's worst,where does?


@ CC: Yes, Mr. Lark used the term "collateral damage."

If I were to give him the benefit of the doubt, I would state that he misunderstand it's full implication. That in and of itself troubled me.

He backed up that statement wherein he says that we should use all means necessary short of WMD to get the job done. IMO, that seemed to re-inforce his use of the term in question.

There is no slide on the embedded player in order to advance or rewind the video, which makes it difficult to review without listening to it in it's entirety. (Once was enough - thankyouverymuch.)

I believe that Mr. Sherwin originally brought up the issue of U.S. involvement overseas.

As Mr. Boose points out in the video, the job of a State Rep. tends not to get into global geo-political issues.

Mr. Boose spoke without notes and appeared to have an excellent grasp of the current situation in the state.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Thanks for your review of the debate. Always grateful for your insights.

Don't doubt for a second,that Mr.Sherwin first brought up U.S. foreign policy. Nor do I dispute,that Rep. Boose is correct,that as a rule state rep's don't speak on U.S. foreign policy,yet why not ?

Correct me if I am wrong,but a leader... leads,right ? Then add "leaders are readers" right ? So when one is choosen to lead our district of what,a 150,000 people ? They better be readers who grasp ,the world around us all,right ? So kudo's to Mr.Sherwin for bringing it up.

" Collateral damage" ? Here's hoping Mr. Lark didn't understand the "full implication" of that question as you suppositioned. Because, if he did, can you say " cold as a heart can get" ? No matter,agree with you,it troubles me if he didn't.

Rep. Boose " spoke with out notes" and had an "excellant grasp of the current sitution..,.." Glad to hear it,confirms my vote for him.Thanks again,for your help

P.S. Contango forgot to bet a nickel,if Mr.Lark had children preping for war as Rep. Boose does,he would ---totally understand "collateral damage". Wanna bet?


Nothing of substance from any of them. All rhetoric.