Norwalk considers lighting upgrades

Norwalk city officials are considering a few extra energy-efficient projects.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 26, 2012


Norwalk city officials are considering a few extra energy-efficient projects using funds from the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council.

When the city joined NOPEC, it received a little less than $200,000 as a one-time payment to join.

Josh Snyder, public works director, said the bids for the pool lighting at the aquatic center came in under the estimate, so some lighting for the gymnasium area is being included.

"These lights will also include sensors that can detect whether people are there or not," Snyder said.

"These fluorescent lights are in a lot of these high school gymnasiums," he added.

The city will also, if approved by council, purchase varying frequency drives for the pool. This can help save energy by slowing the pump down at times.

Also, the city will consider lighting upgrades at the water and wastewater treatment plants.

To find out what else council discussed at its meeting Tuesday night, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Reflector or subscribe to the e-paper for less than $1 per week and read it now.


swiss family

since the city seems to have a surplus of money, and since the crime rate in Norwalk seems to be rapidly increasing by the day.Since the Prosecutors and Judges seem to repeatedly release the criminals back on to our streets and neighborhoods , I think it would be helpful if the city purchased more street lamps, and even more of the "orange" glowing bulbs that seem to display at least 5 times as much light as the older bulbs in use now seem to display.

I am lucky to live in a neighborhood where everyone still knows who their neighbors are, and will watch over each others property if it looks like there is something unusual going on there. and will call the Police to get them to the neighborhood if they see someone or something unusual happening.. The problem though is that with so many old neighborhoods in Town, the big old trees and branches are so overgrown, that they block a lot of the street lighting from covering a large area.. right now it seems as though only the houses that have the current lamps in front of them are well light up, the rest are nearly in total darkness..It is almost impossible to get a good description of a thief or criminal when you only see them in a dark area..I know that Norwalk is still a community that would be willing to help protect their neighbors home and property IF they were light up properly by the tax money paid in to the city...but the longer that the old neighborhoods sit in darkness, and the more criminals that are re-released by our court systems, the less likely people will be willing to get involved, and put themselves at personal risk, if the city is not willing to co-operate and install a better street lighting system...let's address this before the criminals take over more control of our citizens and our residents, and intimidate the good people into doing nothing..


Come on the dumb criminals that didn't have a clue now know what to do thanks a lot. LOL


You are so right swiss fam...but honestly they are only worried about what Uptown looks like,they dig up dirt on good people because bad have taken over.
Here we are all equally worthless unless you are an official or a politician.
I'm wondering if my opinion and voice makes me bad?
Who cares?
The city dont.
The cops and judges dont.
The criminals and druggies do,they keep us all sick as a community and we all pay in more ways than one for them to spend our $$$.


LED Lighting should be used not fluorescent lights!! Get a clue.