New store coming to Norwalk

Norwalk will welcome a new store in the upcoming months.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 25, 2012


Norwalk will welcome a new store in the upcoming months.

Rural King, which is based out of Mattoon, Ill., has purchased the former Big Lots store located on U.S. 20 at the very edge of the Norwalk city limits.

Rural King or Rural King Supply is a farm supply store, founded in 1960 and operates 56 stores in the U.S. Its main competitor is Tractor Supply Company (TSC), which also has a Norwalk location.

A story about the store and its Norwalk plans was published in Tuesday's Reflector.

Find more of this story and other exclusive content in the Norwalk Reflector print edition or the E·Paper online newspaper.



I know this is a dumb question, but do we really need another farm supply store in town. Aren't TSC and Town and Country Enough? Just curious


Are you against free market competition?


@ whopper2011 Did we really need Walmart when we already had Kmart?

Bellevue Dad

Why not? We need another choice since Kmart never has anything when you go in there. Not to mention that Walmart employees over 300 people.


true dat^^^


I am most definitely not against free market competition-I was just curious why. As for Kmart vs. Walmart, that is like comparing Apples to Oranges. They both have good things: K-Mart has Layaway, whereas Walmart has lower prices and larger selection.

unknown user

need to worry about the old valu king store more than the old biglots how ever the valu king been out longer than the biglots and also norwalk looks kinda bad with that building empty which the old big lots is out of town its not like its in the town of norwalk like valu king building is


No wonder I've been getting a RK flyer in my Saturday paper in my town, the last three weeks, Now I know.


I know there is a Rural King down in Wooster. We have family down there and they can't say enough good about it! I am excited to have it come to Huron County!
Welcome RK!


There is also one in the old Value City in Elyria. It seemed nice the one time I went in.


they are great!good sales. hope they hire nice workers?T S C HAS BAD MANNERS WITH THERE HELP!!


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Sweet! Now let's get a Harbor Freight and we'll be good to go.


There is one in Tiffin that just opened in the old Walmart building. It is almost like a cross betweeen Big Lots and Walmart for rural and semi-rural folks. Lots of hunting, camping, pet supplies, and work clothing. This will be a great location for a great new business! I know it doesn't fix the Giant Eagle/Valu King issue, but this will be a great addition for Norwalk and farm folk alike. Give them a chance - you'll be glad you did! And, no, I don't have any connection to them, financial or otherwise. I'm just a very satisfied customer.


Hey that is Monroeville SD out there. Yea for them. Maybe TSC will have to actually rethink the market and start carrying useful products. Competition is good for busieness. Welcome Rural King!


Having visited a Rural King in another state, I was quite impressed with it. I am looking forward to RK coming to town.


Great! Use a vacant building & give competition to TSC. Isn't competition good? + that old guy w/white hair & glasses never was a help @ TSC.