Deadbeat dad sent to prison for probation violations

A local man who failed to pay his child support was sentenced to seven months in prison for violating his probation. Drug use and telecommunications harassment are among the violations.
Cary Ashby
Sep 25, 2012


A Berlin Heights man who failed to pay his child support was sentenced to seven months in prison Monday for violating his probation.

Credited with serving about four months in the Huron County Jail, Rodger A. Myers, 46, formerly of Collins, will spend another three months in state prison.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway followed the joint recommendation between Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper and Huron County Public Defender David Longo. Myers could have faced up to one year.

Myers admitted to several probation violations during Monday’s hearing: Being charged with three counts of telecommunications harassment through Norwalk Municipal Court in early August, testing positive for marijuana and oxycodone Nov. 1 and testing positive for marijuana and opiates during an Aug. 29 drug screen.

The defendant also didn’t report to his probation officer twice in November, failed to complete a substance abuse counseling program and didn’t pay his court fees.

In late August 2010, Myers spent 90 days in jail on the work release program for one count of non-support of dependents. He also was ordered to pay about $2,400 in child support as part of his five years of probation.

About a month later, his case was transferred to Erie County, where Myers also is on probation for failing to  pay his child support.



Hows he going to pay his child support from jail?

swiss family

he wasn't paying his support when he was free..... so I guess he won't be paying while in jail either, but at least it shows him that there are consequences for breaking the law... which I have to say, in this county, and in this city and with our current judges and Prosecutes is a rarity....


When he gets out of prison(after being sentenced to 18 months from Erie County) let the lazy b------ get a job and take care of his responsibilty.This is written by Ray Arman!!!

Nic Williams

Good question.


Hell, my wife's ex is about $30,000 behind! Nothing happening to him

Nic Williams

I have quit a few buddies whos ex old ladies owe them a butt load of money and they get nothing done to them either.


Knuckle draggin' mouth breathers line up behind these guys.

Nic Williams

What the heck does that mean? just curious

jack langhals

When I was driving for the county,they had Trustees,washing cars ,mowing grass etc.They also planted a garden and one ran off.I would suspect these Deadbeat Dad's aren't dangerous just lazy.If they knew when they lagged in their child support,they would go to jail and clean the jail,mow de lawn,wash cars,pick up trash etc,maybe they would rather work elsewhere !


Did anyone know that the children of a deadbeat parent are better off with the deadbeat in jail.. The state (your tax dollar) pays the support thru SSI to the children/ ex while incarcerated??.. Try chewing on that awhile.. There are lots of reasons why are country is broke, just many are unknown to the public. Thats just one. Not that the child support owed is payed, just checks mailed to the recipient in the name of economic justice. That is why you see so many (mostly) men, while in jail there spouses are just fine. No CONSIQUINCES, the family is subsidized, cash keeps coming in... As far as the many with large sums of back child support. There are triggers out there that snag the deadbeat tax returns or bank accounts. Yes the ex may owe, but a life of NEVER really able to get ahead, without the past sneaking up all the time must REALLY s@ck. I don't know why guys and gals alike just don't pay, do without, there your kids and live will eventually work out, but you don't pay while your young and like this guy it will always hang over you and bite you in the @ss.

Nic Williams

Very well put thanks for the new knowledge truckin.


My wife's ex was in jail and she got nothing