Ohio reducing capacity to respond to mass layoffs, plant closings, research brief finds

More than 9,600 workers in Ohio lost their jobs as part of mass layoffs between January and August. And yet Ohio is reducing its capacity to rapidly respond to layoffs and plant closings.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 24, 2012


Despite a troubling number of mass layoffs in the state, Ohio is reducing its capacity to rapidly respond to layoffs and plant closings, according to a brief released today by the nonpartisan research institute, Policy Matters Ohio.

The state did not renew its contract with a partner that has built a solid layoff-aversion system, a decision that goes against federal government recommendations and cuts the state’s ability to serve the more than 9,000 workers who have lost their jobs to mass layoffs in Ohio this year.
“It is puzzling, in this economy, that the state would reduce rapid response capacity and fail to renew a contract with a high-performing partner,” said Hannah Halbert, researcher with Policy Matters Ohio and report author.
The Workforce Investment Act requires states to provide rapid response services when mass layoffs or plant closings substantially add to the number of unemployed. Since 2007, Ohio had contracted with the United Labor Agency (ULA) to avert layoffs and improve rapid response services to laid-off workers.
When ULA took on this work, Ohio had only two transition teams, no peer-support programs, and three transition centers. ULA built 120 transition teams, 89 transition centers, and 57 outreach rooms; trained 1,000 worker peers; and assisted 76 companies through layoff-aversion analysis. This infrastructure enabled ULA to refer workers to local workforce investment boards for training and placement.
More than 9,600 workers lost their jobs as part of mass layoffs between January and August 2012 and more than 60,000 workers have gone through such layoffs in the last four years.
The U.S. Department of Labor suggests partnering with labor in this area and more than 20 states follow the recommendation. Ohio identified a high-performing partner in the ULA, which established an extensive infrastructure and dramatically increased referrals of displaced workers to local Workforce Investment Boards. The majority of WARN-impacted workers in Ohio belong to a union. The report concludes that Ohio should follow federal advice and maintain a rapid response system that meets the needs of workers and employers, that reflects the composition of mass-layoff employers, and that includes the solid partners who helped establish and grow the successful model that is now in place.
“Now is not the time to reshuffle or reduce rapid response services,” Halbert said.



...And the war on American workers continues.


@ betrump:

So cliché.

According to the Dems, the Repubs wage "wars" on: Women, children, the poor, the elderly, et al.

But they refuse to use the term: War on Terror.

It's laughable socialist agitprop.


I love the hypocrisy of the right. Fox News and the GOP say there are 'wars' on everything, including Christmas. The right has made no bones about their desire to destroy unions and the working class. What would you prefer I call it?

Cliff Cannon

@ betrump: Personally,I would find it insulting if some one called me a democrat or republician. Why? I find both sides --at least the Washington level of the both, pretty much the same----for themselves,not the American people

I point to Nafta which both candidate Clinton as well as Pres. Bush were for. Obviously it passed and so did the prediction of Ross Perot that it would start " A giant sucking sound of jobs leaving for Mexico" which it did.

Then " Cafta" or as it better known " Free trade with China" was a Clinton gift of American jobs for the Chinese.( And only those who choose blindness would not see the devastation that has brought to American jobs) Again ,it could not have passed with out the support of both parties. So can you see why the parties as well as the labels ( Right & left) mean little to me?

No the real problem,as I see it is not " right" nor "left" it is Wall st. and the massive amounts of money they pour into Washington. So who do you think can quietly wage war on whatever they want?


I don't believe in everything the Dems support, especially NAFTA. However, I am not ashamed to be a progressive, or liberal, or whatever you'd like to call it. I believe in the democratic party's platform, and that's why I support them, even if they sometimes fail. You have to stand up for what you believe in, and I believe in a progressive platform.


@ betrump: So you believe in Fabian Socialism?

The early 20th Century American "Progressives" knew what they were advocating, do you?

Cliff Cannon

@ betrump : " You have to stand up for what you believe in " Truer words were never spoken. Something tells me your a girl. So I say: "you go girl" ! If your not a girl,your a man with a gentle side,so I again admonish: " Keep it up"

For it matters not to me,which side of the issues of the day one stands,what truly matters to me,is they stand as good,caring, people who have the courage to say " we can do better" and no matter how we get to "better" it takes leaders to get us there,so kindly keep up the good work


@ CC:

Unfortunately, authentic Progressives can only "stand up for what (they) believe" through thievery, claiming that it is for the 'common good,' while ingratiating and enriching themselves in the process.

These wealthy 'ruling class' Progressives need ‘useful idiots’ and ‘true believers’ in order to help carry out their ransacking of society.


Four more years of Pres. Obama may see the U.S. national unemployment rate fall to 0%!

The unemployed will have exhausted their benefits and most everyone will have stopped looking for non-existent jobs.

The U.S. has been in an economic depression since Dec. 2007. The large extent of the crisis is invisible.

In 2012, govt. 'checks in the mail,' have become the new 1930s bread lines.


Obama and the dems= tripled our debt. Why? They has the entire house for 2 years!!! Obama said in 08 that the debt and jobs was his biggest concern and focus.....meanwhile we keep writing checks our butts can't cash, raising the debt limit....which is soon to happen again, and jobs continue to move out. Hey maybe another appearance on the View or a party hosted by J-Z will turn our economy around. It's all been a joke since 08. Meanwhile Michelle continues to rack up her record on travel expenses to an all time high for a First Lady, Obamacare has proven to be a giant tax that is causing prices to rise...not fall, and our White House blames a video for a terrorist attack. Bravo bravo.