Teen killed in auto accident fondly remembered

Tonya Nead only knew 19-year-old Tyller Myers for a little more than year.
Aaron Krause
Sep 21, 2012


Tonya Nead only knew 19-year-old Tyller Myers for a little more than year.

But in that time, she developed a fond impression of the former Norwalk High School student, who died Thursday morning in an automobile accident.

"Tyller's a great guy who was always in a positive chipper mood everytime I was around him," she wrote on the Reflector's facebook page. "He could always bring a smile to our faces, even when things were completely chaotic at work.

"I spent many of long night with this kid at work. He was an awesome friend. I'm deeply sorry and have much sympathy for his family. My love and prayers are sent your way."

Myers was born April 17, 1993 in Norwalk and attended Norwalk High School and received his GED. He worked at New Horizon Bakery and Routh Packing, and recently at Janesville Acoustic, where he was just accepted into the union.

Janesville representatives did not return a call from the Reflector, which sought positive memories of Myers for this story. Representatives at New Horizons and Routh declined to comment. Family members, through funeral director John Evans, said it was too difficult for them to talk about Myers.

Several people commented beneath the online story reporting Myers' death.

"My prayers go to his family," a commenter known as "frootloops420" wrote. "I've hung out with Tyller before, he was so nice and sweet. This is soo horrible, I'm very upset about this. It happened to the wrong person."

Commenter "whatever you say" asked that other comments respect the family during this sad time.

"I can not imagine the nightmare they are currently trapped in," the commenter wrote. "This was a well loved kid who is now gone."

"Mom of 4 g8 kids" wrote: "We will all miss you Ty. You are loved by many. What a tragic thing. Prayers for the family. I can not imagine the pain. May God be with all who loved him and knew him. May the Lord keep the family close and give them strength. I love you Myers family... I am here for you."

According to his obituary, he loved to tinker, electronics and working with his hands.

"He was an amazing son and loved helping his grandparents, fishing, target practice and had an artistic side shown in his tattoos," the obituary reads.

He is survived by his father, Aaron (Rachelle) Myers of Oregon with brother and sisters, Alexander, Elizabeth and Emily Myers all at home; mother, Desiree Shepard (Donald) Nelson of Norwalk with his sister, Caragan Nelson at home; many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, as well as maternal grandparents, Dale and Connie Shepard, and paternal grandparents, Jeff and Barb Myers and Lenny Wonderland, David Risk, William and Sally Cummings, Chris Oates and Rick Oates.

Visitation is scheduled from 2 to 7 p.m. Sunday at Evans Funeral Home, 314 E. Main St.

To read the full obituary, click HERE.



So sorry for your loss. I don't know your family, but please give that poor mother a hug for me.


I have a son his age...so tragic. I can't even imagine what this family is going through right now. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family in this time of need. May God help you through this journey in healing from your loss and may God give you the strength to move forward.


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Really? Despite whatever his extra curricular activities happen to be....he was a young kid. There are people grieving a loss. Have some respect.


Are you serious! This young man is dead and all you can comment on is what was on his facebook page. There is a family out there that is mourning the loss of their child and this is all you can comment about. Absolutly no class on your end. I have a son his age and by no means is he perfect, but if I lost him I wouldn't be that far behind him. Who cares what he has done, this is a life that was lost and there is a mother out there that is crying because her baby is gone. I apologize to this family for this rudeness of YAWWNN. Some people have no class.


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Have you ever smoked a blunt? They're awesome! Its perfectly fine to have an opinion on a subject, but in your case, you should really keep yours to yourself.


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Yawwnn you have absolutely no respect for a grieving family. This is my cousin and you should have seen the amount of support his family received within minutes of hearing about his accident. Regardless of what some one's face book says you should be respectful and maybe you should look into getting a life and stop creeping on people's Facebook pages like your some self righteous gift to the world. What if this would have been your child, brother, or grandchild? Show some respect you ignorant fool.


to any person who makes negative comments about this young man,I'll tell you there was nobody
more reckless than myself when I was 19,I was lucky and lived through it.
after getting a little older i changed my ways and became the father of two who are both college educated and very productive citizens .
please let this young man rip,and let his family begin to heal

Most Wanted

Amen. And just to add, this young man's sister was commenting last night...so yes, the family is reading the comments. I also have a 19 year old son...with a younger sister. My heart breaks for this boys sister and her family. RIP Tyller Myers and may your family find comfort knowing that complete strangers truly do care about you and are praying that you somehow find peace and comfort in the days ahead.


I am so sorry to the family and friends of this young man. A life taken too soon for sure. To the family...it was just a couple weeks ago that people were on here saying hurtful comments about my father. Please pay no attention to the few idiots who decide to post hateful things. There are many more people praying for you. Prayers for all of you even though I know none of you. God bless.


I also lost a child 19 1/2 years ago. I know and feel your pain. I will hold your family in my thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. My condolences on the loss of your loved one.


Sounds like this young person was really turning into a fine young man. Got his GED and landed a good job, accepted in the union and receiving benefits. How sad that his life then ended so tragically. I cannot imagine the sadness of this family. Please know that without ever meeting Tyller in person, others are mourning his loss and praying for all of you.