Norwalk teen killed in car crash

A Norwalk teen was killed in a traffic crash early this morning.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 20, 2012


A Norwalk teen was killed in a traffic crash early this morning.

The accident took place at 1:08 a.m. at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Medusa Road in Townsend Township, said troopers with the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol.

Tyller A. Myers, 19, of Norwalk, was killed.

Troopers reported that Myers was southbound on Medusa in a red F-150 pickup truck when he failed to yield at the stop sign and collided with a westbound 2008 Peterbilt tractor-trailer being driven by Kevin P. Heter, 53, of Clyde.

Both vehicles went off the southwest side of U.S. 20, coming to a rest in a cornfield.

Myers was pronounced dead at the scene by Huron County Coroner Jeff Harwood. Heter was flown by LifeFlight helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo with non-life threatening injuries, troopers said.

The accident, which closed U.S. 20 for close to an hour, remains under investigation.

Assisting troopers at the scene were the Huron County Sheriff’s Office, Townsend Township Fire Department, Citizen’s EMS, North Central EMS, St. Vincent LifeFlight, the Ohio Department of Transportation and Northside Towing.



I am the mother who lost her child to this tragedy and while I respect the right to the thoughts and opinions of others please keep one thing in mind prior to writing you comments. First I lost my baby and I will never again be able to hold him, or tell him I love him or continue to watch him evolve into the wonderful man he ws becoming! Second, ask yourselves this, were you there when he ws born, as he grew up, or to see him changing through out his life with your own eyes? Did you know him personally? Were you there to see him commit the crimes, with your own two eyes, the crimes he ALLEGEDLY commited? While you can read the news paper, most of what you are reading are preliminary reports. I know this because the OFFICICAL report has not, yet, even been made available to me!
If you must make your comments that is fine, you have every right to do that but please have compassion. Know that Tyller did have a family and we are all GRIEVING! Then ask yourself this "how would it feel to have people who did not personally know your recently deceased child slandering his name the very day after his funeral"?
As most of you are just as worried for the other driver as I was when I asked the investigating officer about him, the morning of the accident, he is listed in fair condition and is expected to make a full recovery. As the driver, HIMSELF, told a member of my sons family he is in a lot of pain but feels bad that he could not attend my sons funeral YESTERDAY!

U get what u give

My daughter was there for the showing & was so shookin up i felt her pain so i could never imagine yours! Ignore the people who judge because in the end something in time will happen where someone is gonna judge them! I pray for your family & hope GOD watches over you all! God bless.........................


Thank you for your kind comments, it is nice to know that there is compassion still out there!

U get what u give

This boy's life is gone period! Why sit here & talk about things like this!!!He's gone nothing can change that so why say things that don't matter now! I'm so sorry for the family's loss! My daughter was friends with him & she was so upset so just give the family respect & keep your opinions too yourself! It is bad enough they lost their child let alone people who didn't even know him talk mess! It seems too me all you people do is state your mess about everyone else..........makes me wonder what your life is like for you to judge!May he R.I.P.


Thank you, that was nicely put!


he made national news people are going to talk The darwin award goes to him


From what I gather the kid was a thief. . got fired from his job at Janesville for being late. . . sounds like he was trying to live a "good life" . . NOT!

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swiss cheese kat

Sgt. Jason Demuth told the Norwalk Reflector that officers found no fewer than three stop signs in the back of Myers' 1996 Ford F-150 pickup truck, all allegedly plundered from intersections along the route Myers had been traveling prior to the crash.

Truth comes out.

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swiss cheese kat

The blood alcohol content level of Tyller A. Myers, 19, of 4649 En Road, tested at .164, according to troopers with the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol. That's more than twice the legal limit for drivers in Ohio of .08. During the investigation, troopers discovered three stop signs and posts in Myers' truck.