Sex offender who fled after furlough arrested

Authorities have captured a convicted sex offender who didn't report back to jail after a two-day furlough.
Cary Ashby
Sep 19, 2012


A convicted sex offender who was wanted by the Erie County Sheriff's Office was arrested this morning in the 400 block of East Washington Street in Sandusky.

William Ricky Stevens, 34, of 4768 Sand Hill Road, Bellevue, was arrested without incident about 10:30 a.m. He didn't reporting back to the Erie County Jail after a two-day furlough as scheduled Sept. 6.

For more information about this arrest, read Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.



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Whats to say that hasn't already been said Mikey...courts slappin the hand of all the pervs letting them run free to repeat..


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He needs to bend over and take it like a man! LOL.


Did you guy's know that a month before the furlogh was signed Rick Stevens was caught trying to dig out the mortar around his cell window? My friend was in jail with him and swears to the almighty he was caught digging and moved to a pod for segregating problemed inmates.


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Caught him before he could wreck all the havoc he wanted to. He wanted to screw a lot of people over


34 & callled Ricky (ricki). What a little b****.


My buddy was in jail with that guy, he said Rick was talking about his case like he was all cool, so my buddy spit on the guy and went off on him. He said they were in lockdown (7pm in Erie County) and Ricky came to his cell talking trash, so my dude spit on him through the little food tray slot and told him to goto church so they could settle Ricky's punk mouth, and he went to staff and had a seperation put on him. Yes he's a b**ch.


He was trying to tell the 15 year-old not to tell they had sex. The Gibbs (the poker robbery in Sandusky) boys know him.