VIDEO: SB5 foes collect more than 1 million signatures

Chris and Lori Griffith have been on a mission. The two were on hand Friday morning touting the "We Are Ohio" organization's battle against Senate Bill 5.
Jul 5, 2011


Chris and Lori Griffith have been on a mission. The two were on hand Friday morning touting the "We Are Ohio" organization's battle against Senate Bill 5.

SB 5 would reduce collective bargaining rights of all public workers in the state. Ohio Gov. John Kasich and supporters argue the changes are needed to help public employers control labor costs. Organized labor groups and other opponents say the bill is a union-busting attack on the middle class.

"I got involved to refuel this campaign for Senate Bill 5," said Chris Griffith, a 10-year employee with the Norwalk City Schools as a daytime employee at the high school. "It's wrong. It's an unfair attack on public service workers and on the community, really."

Lori Griffith is a seventh grade teacher at Norwalk Middle School.

Together they collected signatures with drive-and-signs and door-to-door. "Basically, I took my petition book wherever I went," Chris said.

"How many police officers are in a cruiser? How many firefighters are on a truck? How many kids are going to be crammed in a classroom?

"Senate Bill 5 does not create one job. Fewer jobs mean fewer customers for local businesses. One teacher gets laid off that's less money going to local restaurants, local stores and local businesses."

We are Ohio collected 1,298,301 signatures to get the SB 5 repeal motion on the ballot. That's 1 million more than the 231,149 needed.

"We had more than 10,000 volunteers (across the state)," Griffith said. "We are humbled and grateful ... for the support. If our supporters vote we are very confident we will win."

In Huron County, 497 signatures were needed based on the 16,572 votes cast in the 2010 governor's race to hit the 3 percent mark and 994 were needed to hit the 6 percent mark. "We are Ohio collected 3,818 or about 23 percent of the vote in Huron County," Griffith said.

If the signatures are verified, the issue will be on the November ballot.

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Kottage Kat

@ jas, Could you please cite specific's? Thank you


@kk.. The info is out there. Not hard to find. Just type in "google" and it will pop up. Did you happen to watch Face the Nation today? Kasuck was on it, along with gov. Walker, and a couple more Reps. We are in deep "doondoo" if this country doesn't shift gears fast! And I don't mean a D or an R....

Kottage Kat

iam, Tried to google it and did not get it. Probably me, haviing a DUH moment. I do not watch TV, sorry. You did say Mandsfield News Journal ? Thanks Kat;}


I wonder how much it is costing the TAXPAYERS for them to put a bar in the statehouse so our leaders can conviently get drunk when they are working. THIS is the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars I`ve seen yet. This is just like the Republicans to take away from the "have nots" so they can give more to the ones who "have". I don`t know about you,but I don`t like the idea of the ones making decisions with MY money possibly being drunk when they decide. Can anyone give me ONE GOOD reason what good it will do to have a bar in OUR government statehouse that the public will "sometimes" be able to use? I know I can think of a few better things they can be spending MY taxes on.

Kottage Kat

@FST, Have not seen any articles on the bar in the statehouse, could you please direct me to those. Thank yoiu Kat;}


@KK. The article was in yesterdays Mansfield News Journal. They have an archive list at the bottom of the front page. Or it may be still listed on their most commented.
It is true. Our gov. Thinks it would be great to toss back a few b4 voting...Nice, huh? It does not surprise me that you haven't seen it, if all you read are the Reflector /Register. They seem to be behind the curve.

Kottage Kat

iamrevolutionary, Thank you I will check it out. I try not to read print papers. I am on here having fun, really do not take what is said too seriously. Many do and it just raises their blood pressure. I just chuckle at most, and respond in kind. Thanks for the prompt reply. Kat;}


If SB5 is sooo good for business, WHY did Calisolar , which promised 800-1000 jobs to start, pull out of Richland County, the DAY that the Gov. Signed our budget? Huh...Went from a "done deal" to outta here in 24 hrs.

Kottage Kat

@ iamrevolutionary, I* got the Columbus Dispatch. Article said previous operator had a liquiur (sp) license, he did not use it, except for catered events. . As this is a leased operation, it is up to the discretion of the operator to choose or not to choose to serve alcohol. It has nothing to do with the legislators, or Gov. Kasich. It has been there for some time, and just new operator, Perhaps the renovations are his responsibility as the leasee. Did any of the articles you referred to clain taxpayer dollars being spent? Just wondered. Thanks Kat;}


actually sb5 had nothing to do with that, but nice try.

swiss family

thank you Cat.... NOW I understand more clearly why you "think" the way that you do... you brag that you do not watch television, and now you say you try NOT to read print papers.... I guess that would make you understandably misguided and uninformed.... like I said,, thank you that explains A LOT.

Kottage Kat

@ Swiss, as always your kind words are appreciated. Kat with a K


Oil, "if you do your job, you will "probably" get to keep it. Wake up please. RTW breeds "I don't like so you are fired". Being lazy has nothing to do with this bill. This bill is simply that, another bill for us to pay. Our country was founded and grounded by people being "United". Unions unite brothers and sisters and protect us from people like you. This recession is a Government bill, created by our government and should be paid by the rich lobbiest who really run this country, the big oil, and crooked politicians and bankers that put us in this position. SB5 is a bill punishing unison and leaves citizens naked and stripped of all protection from Big Brother. Our Governers, Senators, Mayors, Congress, President, make big bucks and are taken care of for life even after their term. They make laws that apply to citizens and exclude themselves and when they screw up they unite and go after the innocent. They aim to break up our unison while keeping theirs, in an effort to make us weaker and easier prey. The only reason anyone agrees with SB5 is because they are cowardly or as crooked as our government. Here are a few reasons for supporting SB5: 1. You are afraid to take on big brother. Paranoid they may kick in your door or harm you or your family for non conformity. 2. You have an inside financial gain, ie. you own a buisness that is forced to utilize union labor and would rather employ illegal immigrants cuz you are cheap. 3. You are an outcast and can't make the grade to get into a union 4. You do drugs and can't pass the drug test required by the union thus are disqualified from seeking employment. 5. You were once a union employee and chose to leave and are bitter cuz u screwed up. 6. You yourself are lazy and want others to pick up a bill that isn't theirs. 7. You are a very mean and rotten person who has no regard for your neighbor and lives your life for yourself without regard for community. ANYONE that supports SB5 is sick and twisted, selfish, greedy and frankly should move to a RTW state where they can feed on their fellow man. SB5 is just another form of Canibalism
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swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

@ JustMe68, You are right about the need for people to do their jobs and not be lazy. I am so glad to no longer be represented by u.a.w. “king pins”. The best job security in the world is to do your job to the best of your ability. It was awful to see my union brothers & sisters constantly slow down, thinking their skills will be needed more if a company can't meet customer demand. It’s totally the opposite, and in today’s world – if you do good things, then good things will happen. Nothing can protect workers 100%. Jobs = work, and if you don’t want to work then step aside and let somebody else have your job. When laziness is the norm, it gives employers a valid excuse to consider moving their production south of the border or over to China. When will people wake up and realize this? The public sector is different since their actions are service oriented. But again, you need to do your job.

Ralph Wiggum

I can walk and chew gum, does the meet the requirements to be a union member? If I can pat my head and rub my belly at the same time can that make me union president? My cousin worked for many years at a union plant and it got comical when he'd visit and tell me all of the stories about his fellow brothers and sisters working his shift. I'll just give you 3 examples out of hundreds he told me over the years. 1) A guy would leave his spot on the line and go climb behind pallets of material and sleep for 1 to 2 hours once a week usually the next morning after his pool league. They finally started to catch him and found him sleeping 7 different times in 3 months. The plant tried to fire him but the union said no and he still works there. 2) A guy starts walking off his job at the loading docks a few times a week and drives to the local bar down the road to meet his new girlfriend in the early afternoon before she goes to work. His friends cover for him but he eventually gets caught. After a warning he continues to sneak out and is fired but the union says no. The guy takes off a week of work and attends alcohol counseling and he's allowed to return to work. Two days later he is late to work because he was arrested for DUI. He returns to work and never lost his job. 3) A guy shows up to work drunk and while sitting on a stool falls forward striking his head on the machine he was supposed to be watching. He files for workman's comp and then sues the company because there was no padding on the machine and since a foreman saw him stumbling without questioning his sobriety the company allowed him to injure himself. So where do those 3 stories fit in your list?


So, you mean to say that all union workers are lazy, alcoholic trash? Funny if that is the case how these companies even survive, let alone thrive. Clinton put a cigar up a girls private parts in the oval office and was not fired. Weiner gets paid with full benefits for life. Bush let lobbiest and bankers take the american people for trillions of dollars and didn't get fired or go to jail. Since YOU did nothing about these infractions, doesn't that make you a protector of sorts? The greatest union we have is the entire population of the United States and we can't seem to get rid of the trash. Point being, there are negatives in every workplace and career, good employees and bad. Successful companies and countries obviously employ more good than bad or they would go broke. Mabe instead of attacking successful educators, steel workers, police officers, etc, we need to attack the leaders of our broke country. Try starting at the top for a change and watch shit roll down hill instead of allowing the stink to infect our livelyhoods and communities any further. Just sayin'

former local

I'll never understand how people who make less then $25,000/year can vote Republican. You are voting against your own interests.


I would put that figure a lot higher.


Yeah...about $250,000/yr.

macho man

Not everything is about money. Slick Willy started out as a good president, but all that changed when he couldn't control his desire to go hogging (Monica). This was when I became a do or die-hard Republican. It was a choice made on morals, not a stack of cash.


And yet you have no problems with the morals of Cheney, Rove, Yoo, Bush, Gingrich, Delay, Mr. Wide Stance, Ensign, Kasich, etc., etc...........WOW

macho man

You're darn right I have no problems with the people you mentioned, and I am proud to say I will stand by my opinion any day.


Thank you for proving the theories about the stupidity and sheep mentality of Republicans.


Thank you for sharing your unwanted liberal views. You not only make yourself look foolish but Democrats in general by using elementary terms, such as "stupidity" and "sheep mentality" to describe Republicans. If you don't want to sound foolish then try sounding a bit more proffesional, and GROW UP.

Kottage Kat

I thought RTW states had to do with unions. Ohio is a hire and Fire at will state, is there a diffrerence? Just needed to clarify, thank you.


KK: If memory serves, Ohio is a forced unionism state, meaning employees do not have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a other words, there is no opting out.

For those supporting SB5 while we have an 8 billion dollar budget deficit: If it is overturned, where is the the money going to come from to continue to pay for public employees health and retirement packages?


Not all public employees are union. You will still be paying for their health and retirement package reguardless of SB5. Mr. Kasich should start by cleaning his own 'house'.


Of course not all public employees are union but many are....where does the money come from?

Public unions and their unaffordable compensation, benefits and pension packages cannot remain the same when this state and country is on the verge of bankruptcy.

A previous post that bears repearting:
Jul 03, 2011
10:56 AM
Marcus M says
"Raise your hand if you want to pay higher taxes to save public sector employees from paying their fair share of health care & pensions....."

Kottage Kat

I have a copy of SB5 and am stuying it closely, as not only do I want to be an informed voter, I want to be able to post with the correct information. Anyone who would like to read it or obtain a copy please contact me through this paper. Kat;} with a K


This bill is a ruse and a con full of hidden agendas. If the only real issue is in fact public employees paying a portion of their benefits, why does it attack all unions and aim to make this a right to work state? As usual, our "keepers" write legislation that is far more extensive than the issue they use to get their bills passed. I can't be absolutly certain but I would speculate that there are more people effected in the private sector working at steel mills, supermarkets and factories around the state then teachers and state employees. So, if the real issue is the puplic sector, why does the bill attack the private sector as well? This is were the hidden agendas come into play. Lobbiests and big contractors in this state don't want to pay Union wages for their labor. Our governor probably plays golf with someone effected by unions who also contributes largely to his campaign fund and is being puppited to make Ohio a RTW state. Smelly politicians that won't call a spade a spade. Hidden agendas with bait and switch. Using a heated smaller issue as a front line to rape and rob their citizens. Heck, I am not opposed to people paying more of their pensions and benefits public or private, but this bill threatons the entire livliehoods of all union workers. This bill abolishes all collective bargening and slaughters strength in numbers. This bill takes the unity of large groups of employees and makes us each vunerible to someone else's whim. This bill is a killer