State funding cuts hurt Huron Co., Norwalk and townships

Learning to live with less. That's the policy local county, city, village and township officials are incorporating as the allocations at the state level continue to shrink.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 20, 2012


Learning to live with less. That's the policy local county, city, village and township officials are incorporating as the allocations at the state level continue to shrink.

At the peak of local government fund allocations in 2008, Huron County received $936,027. In 2013, that has been slashed to $426,840.

The city of Norwalk received $625,369 in local government funds four years ago and will watch that funding fall to $285,162 in 2013.

In Norwalk Township, local-government funding was once $18,914 in 2008. That will shrink to $8,624 next year.

To find what Norwalk and other local officials are saying about this, and how they are handling the situation, read the story that was published on the front page of Tuesday's Reflector.

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So does this mean no more new parks in town?? :)


truckin - Don't worry, there will still be new parks. Bauer will still convince the other Huron County Commissioners to give their usual $300,000 a year of OUR tax dollars to the Ohio State Ag. Program and, if they can cut the Sheriff's budget in half again, there will still be a few dollars left for new parks (although there won't be any money left to pay off their $520,000 loan for the new courthouse vestibule). I'm amazed that Bauer actually believes that if the county doesn't give the local OSU Ag Extension office their annual gift of general fund money (almost 1 million dollars over a 4-year period), then there will be no 4-H or FFA programs in Huron County. IN REALITY, the FFA is funded through local school districts, NOT thru Ag Extension. Also, local 4-H groups get NO funding from the local or state Ag extension offices. The local 4-H group advisors are all volunteers and local parents get NO financial support from Ag Extenion for any of the 4-H projects that their children take part in. As the old saying goes, "You can't fix STUPID!"


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What???? If there is no staff in the 4-H office, there is no 4-H in the county. And you cannot join 4-H in a neighboring county unless 4-H is funded in your county. Without the county support - there is NO 4-H. And all the organizing, record keeping, scheduling, clinics, etc, etc must be done by paid staff. And the Extension Office isn't just 4-H! The agriculture program provides cerification, education and help to local farmers and homeowners. I find Windy's comments mind boggling. The Huron County Extension Office runs on a bare bones budget and benefits so many residents of all ages. I suggest you schedule a meeting with the extension office or visit their website and see what a valuable resource they are to the community.


Ehovemom - I agree that the HURON COUNTY Extension Office should be supported, but NOT The Ohio State University Ag Program. Why does Bauer push our Commissioners to send $300,000 of our COUNTY tax dollars to a UNIVERSITY program every year when the Commissioners could be better funding our OWN COUNTY Ag program? I don't understand. Maybe someone can explain this to me?


In this area 4H is a very important thing....there are other things to fight over or make cuts in.


arnmcrmn - I agree with you. But how does giving $300,000 of OUR COUNTY's tax dollars every year to a UNIVERSITY program help OUR COUNTY's programs? I do not understand. Wouldn't it be wiser to give that money to OUR COUNTY's 4H programs?


yes it would.


Ehove Mom - I was in 4-H and FFA and a kid, but you are telling me that for our local 4-H program to exist in Huron county we have to overfund the local OSU ag extension office, all their requested programs, and ALL their staff positions? Our local 4-H chapters, advisors who are volunteers, and the KIDS get ZERO money from all the funding that is given annually by Mr Bauer to OSU extension. What is wrong with this picture. It is almost a form of extortion. Unless you allow us to overfund everything, you can't have a local program which receives NOTHING. The size of the local office and staff can be cut down drastically and still keep local 4-H. While other county departments have taken drastic cuts in recent years, this program continues to flourish with NO cuts in funding. The kids should be getting some of the funding for their projects, instead of making OSU rich. Of course I also read that Bauer is merely using our money to overfund their program, helping to fund his own retirement as a former OSU extension agent.


I heard Gary Bauer speak the other night via radio about his candidacy for Commissioner. I was disappointed as I listened to Gary lie about a number of issues but especially 4H and FFA, saying if he is not elected their will be NO 4H and FFA in the county. First, FFA is funded through the local school districts, so he was reaching for straws. Second, my kids are in local 4H and their group, their advisor, and the parents gets NO funding from Ag Extension for the 4H program, or their projects. All that is required is that the County have an Ag Extension Office open, with a staff educator deemed as the county coordinator for 4H. While I am in favor of keeping the office open, I do agree with others that the amount of funding it receives annually is a bit over the top. After all it is our local tax dollars, and there is only so much. If everyone else has to cut back, so should they. For Bauer to lie and try to purposely scare the local farm community into voting for him under false conditions is about as LOW and deceitful as a person can be. 4H and FFA will not go away in our county no matter who is elected as county commissioner. I am part of the local farm community, and appreciate what Gary has done in the past for farmers, but I do believe whn you have to start lying to remain in office it is time to to move on and give someone else a chance to represent our interests. Gary should step away and enjoy his retirements from OSU extension, the commissioners office, and his private family tree farm.


Welcome to the true fiscal meaning of the term "trickle-down."

The Feds provide less money to the states, the states send less money down stream.

The choice is this: Greatly increase local taxes and service fees, or eliminate or reduce certain taxpayer provided benefits, services and employment. There ain't no magic.

@ truckin: No more parks and no more spending $2 million for a piece of property for the new fantasy fire station.

Time to "cancel the cable," quit smokin' and no more "eatin' out" or goin' to the movies in order to help pay the rent and maybe keep the lights on.


This is why the three stooges (Silcox, Bauer, and Hintz) need voted out. Don't let them mislead you or scare you into re-electing them.


hcfarmland do not more tax $$ go for drought relief? Yes. Crop prices on existing items this year will be great also. All should take cuts not some. Be honest here; its the airport isn't it? Working people have too many burdens. Elections this year will prove interesting.