Willard woman rams cruiser during high-speed pursuit

A Willard woman faces multiple felonies in connection with leading authorities from multiple jurisdictions on a high speed pursuit and ramming a police cruiser Tuesday morning. Arlena M. Hicks, 38, of 1837 S. Thomas Road, is accused of being intoxicated while going as high as 80 mph while leading police in the chase that started about 10:30 a.m., authorities said.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 24, 2010


A Willard woman faces multiple felonies in connection with leading authorities from multiple jurisdictions on a high speed pursuit and ramming a police cruiser Tuesday morning.

Arlena M. Hicks, 38, of 1837 S. Thomas Road, is accused of being intoxicated while going as high as 80 mph while leading police in the chase that started about 10:30 a.m., authorities said.

Sheriff's dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call about Hicks leaving after her green Ford Explorer hit another vehicle on Ohio 61, causing the other car to spin out and go into a ditch, Huron County Sheriff's Major Greg Englund said. The incident happened north of Peru Hollow Road.

"We were also advised there even could be as many as three people hit by this green Explorer," Englund added.

One motorist managed to follow Hicks and gave dispatchers her location as she headed north on Old State Road toward Norwalk.

Englund said the call was broadcast to the Norwalk Police Department and an officer located her at Sunrise Cooperative Inc. "That's where the pursuit started."

Sheriff's deputies joined the chase and took control as Hicks was near Wakeman.

Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker joined the pursuit on Ohio 303 near U.S. 20.

Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Martz attempted to pass Hicks because she wouldn't stop, Englund said, and her sport utility vehicle sideswiped the deputy's cruiser. After Martz managed to get in front of the SUV to box her in, Hicks rammed the back of Martz's car.

"It was pretty intense," Hunker added.

Police eventually got Hicks stopped on Ohio 303, about two miles west of the Lorain County line, where sheriff's deputies were waiting to assist. The Erie County Sheriff's Office started running parallel to the pursuit at some point, in case Hicks eluded local officers.

Hunker said he thought officers could have gotten injured because Hicks started moving her vehicle after stopping, when police had their weapons drawn. Hunker was on the driver's side of the SUV during the incident.

"We were stepping out of our vehicles at that time," the police chief said.

Englund said Hicks is accused of failing to listen to officers' orders, so she was forced out of her vehicle and into handcuffs.

"She appeared to be under the influence of drugs," he said.

In the Ohio 61 incident before the pursuit, Hicks hit the rear of the vehicle of David L. Stanfield, 51, of 4500 Willard West Road, Willard, while both motorists were driving north, the state Highway Patrol said. The trooper's report listed no citation, but he suspected Hicks was following Stanfield too closely.

Stanfield was not injured.

Another man involved in one of the early crashes, whose name was not available, was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with unspecified injuries, Englund said.

Deputies charged Hicks, who refused a drug test, with two counts of vehicular assault and one count each of driving under the influence and failing to comply with the order of a police officer.

"I expect the patrol will have charges on her because of the (Stanfield) accident," Englund said.

Hicks currently is in custody at the Huron County Jail.


Rosie (Anonymous)

Alright, yeah all that of which u've said about my mom isn't true. She wasn't intoxicated, nor on drugs. You have no right to display her pictures online, or ruin her reputation. Yeah she, shouldn't have done that, but, she doesn't deserve this kind of humilitation!! I dont feel bad for the person in the hospital. I mean, i am sorry it happend to him but, you cant feel sorry for the person that will feel better in a few months. In which I hope he does. I send my regaurds to his family and him.

shafer (Anonymous)

She deserves to spend a long time in jail and never get her license back. I came up on the accident on 61 right after it happened. There was a handicap sign in the vehicle window and a small child in that vehicle. She hit her tried to go around her and hit her the second time and never even bothered to see if that handicap person was injured or that small child. She just took off. Three passing vehicles stoped to see if they were all right. People like that don't deserve to have a license.

the person in t...

You have got to be kidding me!! "Ruin her reputation." That's all you care about when my boyfriend and several others were hit by your mom? Girl, you have a lot of growing up to do. You mom obviously has some serious mental issues if she is going around purposely trying to hit people. She knew exactly what she was doing. My boyfriend is going to suffer a lot longer than a few months because of your mom. His back and neck are so messed up and he already has had problems with them. I know she is your mom but come on, stop trying to justify her mental issues! She needs serious help!!


Actaully, she violently hit three people, and there's no excuse for it. She may need help, for some certain issue, but it's not an excuse for trying to kill people. I was the first car she hit and I saw her hit all three of us. She hit that minivan so violently, that I thought they were dead for sure. She almost pushed me into an oncoming car. Keep in mind this is happening at 55MPH. Other than missing work, loosing income, not being able to have a normal life this week, being injured for my grandma's funeral, and probably having premanent neck injuries, I'm fine... No need to "send your regards to my family" as I don't have any relatives that are alive. How about you, oh yeah, you still have a mom, that's not injured and recovering from being hit mulitple times by some crazy lady. Your mom will have suffered no injuries, no lasting effects, and surely once she's released she'll go on with a normal life. Hopefully, she's not released for a long time, she obviously has some mental disorder, maybe multiple personality disorder... Judging by how many MySpaces you have, you probably have it too!

arlena (Anonymous)

If you wanna know what really happened just email me at arlena68@yahoo.com and I'll give you the str8 dope. Don't trust these crappy journalists to get the story right. They are railroading me!

shafer (Anonymous)

Crappy journalist?, The pictures show it all. And several witnesses seen what happened. And who's getting railroaded? Who is going to pay for these peoples days off work and medical expensise, replace the transportation you damaged. Some people might understand 1 "accident" but 3, not to mention being chased by the police. Not sure whats going on in your mind, but theres not even an appology here to these people. Are you even sorry you almost killed these people including a small child? You obviously need help and i hope you get it. I'll say a prayer for you and the people you hurt.

To whom it all ...

This is a bad situation for all people involved. we deeply regret any negative comments posted on this site. we are sorry for any of this ever happening and wish to send a quick recovery for the persons whom were hurt,scared,upset over this accident. I feel the comments posted by some people were not of the family of Arlena but rather of people who like to stir up a riot or maddness of the community.. We do apoligize for anyone else's comments posted. The family is in a state of shock and after learning some of the true facts. We are determining the situation that occured and giving her the help she needs. This is not how she is normally and we know she is very sorry for anyone involved who may have been hurt. she would never do this on purpose. WE DO WANT TO NOTE THAT SHE WAS NOT ON DRUGS OR DRINKING AS THE PAPER MAY HAVE ACCUSED. SHE HAS NEVER TAKING ANY DRUGS OR DRANK IN HER LIFETIME! The Media has it's own version of what will make headlines. It is up to us to find the true facts and seprate them from what Media has strecthed out of proportion. THE FAMILY WANTS TO EXPRESS THEIR WISHES OF SYMPATHY TO ALL THE OTHERS INVOLVED TO A QUICK RECOVERY.WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT SHE IS NOT A BAD PERSON OUT TO HURT SOMEONE ONE ON PURPOSE!! THANKS FOR READING

to the mans gir...

she is my mom so i had to stick up for her. I am sorry for the way it came out but you took it completely wrong. I ment that if i felt sorry for him, i wouldn't be doing him any favors in his recovery. Yeah i know my mom needs help and she is getting it. I am really sorry he is injured badly, i hope he is doing better. I plan to visit him sometime and tell him personaly what i ment and that i'm sorry he and you took it the wrong way.

to the man who ...

I am sorry you feel that way. I didn't mean it to come out that way but, it did. What i ment was that if i felt sorry for you it wont do u any favors in ur recovery. But, i certainly to feel the need to explain in full to u and ur girlfriend what i ment when i said that. I am very sorry that u were injured and she is now in custody gettin help. I hope u do recover and make it out ok.

A relative of h...

having more than one myspace does not make my niece "like her mother". So dont judge her if you dont know her.

tired... (Anonymous)

Personally, I'm tired of people committing CRIMES and then pleading not guilty or no contest based on insanity or mental disorders. if she does indeed have a mental disorder...WHY ARE EARTH IS SHE DRIVING A MOTOR VEHICLE? A Car driven by her is a leathal weapon. I'm not trying to be "mean" here by any means but come on already!

chris (Anonymous)

i think she needs to be put away for a long time