Commissioners refuse to sign airport grant application

The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 3, 2012


The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.

The application needed the commissioners' approval and signature before it could be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its consideration.

The vote to turn down the application was 3-0.

The commissioners also voted to send a four-page letter to Dennis Sokol, airport board president, and the airport board members explaining the reasons for their decision.

The grant could have brought about $232,000 in federal funds to the airport for improvements, including tree removal and drainage work.

See Friday's Norwalk Reflector for complete story.



Carl, you're the only baboon on this site. You keep spouting Silcox's stupidity that I'd bet you wrote for him. It's getting old. I saw a list with 86 businesses who used or benefited from the airport over the last 18 months. I'd say that a contribution to the county. Go peddle you ignorance elsewhere. Take your mouth, and your buddies if you like, and don't feel you have to stop when you get to willard. they wouldn't have you. I'd say you were dumm, but that would be too kind.


86 businesses many are out of county and not taxpayers? How many come for the cheap fuel? Same playground bunnies saying the same old thing to keep their gravy train rolling.


@kint - so if I own a restaurant, and 80% of my customers come from out of town, I should close it, right??


omg seriously? apples and oranges


Just like comparing the airport to a business?


Just two quick little points, I'm too lazy to repeat myself.

1. You don't OWN the restaurant, the taxpayer does.

2. Give those 80% food at cost and you have no profit and you fail.


Really - wow, you are mentally challenged. Where in a hell do you think Baders customers come from, Avery??. That is what economic development is , bringing money and jobs in from other areas, whether it's someone flying in to do business, and buy a lunch in town, or go and spend high prices to watch a car burn gas, rubber and exhaust.. You can't critisize the airport, and then say its all ok as long as Billy boy is doing it. Gas stations stay competitive. some lower their prices to bring in more busienss. Their profit is based on volume sales. After we get them here, they may stay, get a ride into town and have dinner, but you are to dense to comprehend. To bad you don't have a life. Your buddies should have approved the grant and removed the safety hazards we read about. Your friends have created the greater liability for the taxpayers.


Verbal, You are to lazy to think period!


@kint - so if I own a restaurant, and 80% of my customers come from out of town, I should close it, right??


Good heavens, Kint - put a cork in it already.


So you want the commissioners to give the land owned by the citizens to Bader instead? He is the "500lb gorilla" in the back room telling the three stooges what to do. And what would the average citizen get from that deal? A larger gorilla trying to run the country for his own "PERSONAL" benefit.

The airport has done a lot for the other businesses in the county over the last 40 years that isn't shown in an accountant's tabulation because it is just like the roads, bridges and highways. It serves them in providing access to markets, customers and suppliers. Would you close off the roads next?


LOL How long has Bader been trying to make the racetrack something???? Show us the money this business brings to Huron County. And i don't want to here about that bull##it $99 million.


Hcfarmland could you share that list here? Here's on it? Another reason why the majority of working people taxes are stupid.


The list of companies that use the airport as of May 28, 2012:

1. Phillips Manufacturing, Shelby, OH;

2. J Crane Co., Covington, OH;

3. Gibbs Aero Spray Inc, Fremont, OH;

4. Enterprise Vehicle Rentals;

5. Aerial Farming Services, Seville, OH;

6. Epic Aviation, WA;

7. Royal Air Freight, Waterford, MI;

8. Vintage Aircraft Sales, Radnor, OH;

9. St Vincent’s Life Flight, Toledo, OH;

10. NewAir Sales & Leasing, Tiffin, OH;

11. Kalitta Racing, MI;

12. Hines Inc, Brownsburg, IN;

13. Eldor Industries, Toledo, OH;

14. TSM Aviation Inc, Lafayette, IN;

15. AB Plastics Inc, Milford, OH;

16. Wildwood Botanicals, Fairdealings, MO;

17. Capital Quest, Knoxville, TN;

18. Vista 1 Inc, Napoleon, OH;

19. Simplified Aviation;

20. Morelle Transfer, WI;

21. Clayton Leasing, MS;

22. 400 WD LLC;

23. Mustang Jets LLC;

24. Joppa Aviation, Charlottesville, VA;

25. Jack Cat LLC, Kansas City, MO;

26. Specialty Container Inc, Owensboro, KY;

27. ODNR Law Enforcement, OH;

28. Santangelo Law Offices, Ft. Collins, CO;

29. Oakbrooke Aviation, FL;

30. Cretex Co Inc, Elk River, MN;

31. Brands Insurance, Cincinnati, OH;

32. WR Meadows Co, IL;

33. Lifebanc / Lifeline, OH (Organ Transport)

LOCAL businesses who benefit directly from the airport:

34. Best Western, Norwalk, OH

35. R&D Equipment, Norwalk, OH

36. Kalahari, Sandusky, OH

37. All American Inn, Norwalk, OH

38. Armbruster Aircraft Sales, Norwalk, OH

39. Americraft Box Carton, Norwalk, OH

40. Sunrise Agronomy, Norwalk, OH

41. Janesville Acoustics, Norwalk, OH

42. Norwalk Furniture, Norwalk, OH

43. FTMC, Norwalk, OH

44. Summit Motorsport park, Norwalk, OH

45. Fitzgerald's Body shop, Monroeville, OH

This list was complied over two months ago. Since then, 87 companies have been documented using and benefiting from the airport. The actual number will be higher since some business flights come in during all hours of the day and night when there is not always someone there to document them.

kURTje - How many businesses and local workers does the RACETRACK actually benefit? I'd like you to share that list here. Here's on it? . . . . SUMMIT MOTORSPORTS PARK with their submitted annual payroll of $500,000 for around 400 employees (which figures out to LESS THAN $1200 A YEAR PER EMPLOYEE).


On the same hand, this is also a business that only runs how many races per month? You can't pay people when they are not operating and also, working for a race track isn't a college educated paying job. Im sure they hire many college kids to work gates...etc and are happy making 10 bucks an hour.


The track isn't running races all the time?!!!!!
Yet you expect the airport to be busier then LAX or it isn't doing ANYTHING for the community.
I doubt any of the "Kids" are getting $10.00 an hour from Bader. He doesn't seem to be that philanthropical to me.


OH YA!!! People like Silcox, Bauer, Hintz, AND BADER need to go!!! Send them ALL to Mansfield!! You know what I mean!


This discussion sounds like a bunch of commissioners/councilmen who have made screen names and are reverting to playground tactics because they can't iron out and work like grownups are suppose to.


BINGO!!! People like Silcox, Bauer & Hintz need to be out of office!!


Commisisoners and Bader wants you to believe he needs the 160 acres of airport property to expand his operation. Why the airport property, and not the property along both sides of Hwy 18?? If the commissioners could sell the airport (WHICH THEY OBVIOUSLY CAN'T)(otherwise they would have already tried to) and get the appraised value of 2+ million, most of it would go back to the federal and state government. Another portion would go to attorney fees, so the county taxpayer would be giving county assets away to a local businessman who's operation is seasonal and dependant on the weather. Bader's visitor numbers have been dropping and this year is no different. Do you really think people are going to invest large sums of income for hotels, restaurants, etc, that wil be used only 10-20 days out of the year. Not likely. Bader wants the PUBLIC property because with people like Silcox, Bauer & Hintz in the administration, he believes he can literally steal it from the taxpayers. He does draw a number of racing team members, sponsors, and customers who fly into the airport as a time saving measure. Why would Bader eliminate a means for drawing people to the area to attend his events,. Why would the county give up a means of drawing business and recreational opportunities to the area on a year round basis. The lies being spouted by the commissioners are so absurb it's obvious they are all in Baders's back pocket. Someone should check the commissioners personal bank accounts, or see if there is anything new in their or any of their relatives back yards, paid for with Bader funding.


To add to this during the national event all of the racers were at kalahari...should have seen the parking lot...and during most of the other races there arent many spectators just racers who have rv' only 2 events bring in spectators that would stay overnight(night under fire and nationals)....i even like the raceway just dont like the way bill bader jr is doing things....


Verbal Kint--Carl
Lets get IRS involved with all Baders payouts under the table. You show me all the monies this group bring into the County. Bullsh## Does he have permits for all the campers that show up for his 4 BIG races. All these people are coming from out of the county and then leaving. You keep saying how much money Bader brings into this County---PROVE IT!!!


And I've heard that Bader lists the bleachers as "TEMPORARY" structures to get a large break on his property taxes.
If so, have him prove they are temporary and MOVE them!


HEY VERBALKINT- CARL--DID YOU WIFE GO OUT OF TOWN OR SOMETHING. tO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS, You need to get a life;;;; County's closed so I guess you can't use their time or computors. I'm still waiting to know how much Summit brings into Huron County. Bring the figures to the table.... Seasonal business 4 weekends a year, pay employees under the table. Pays little in property tax cause stands are temporary (I like that one) How much sales tax does it bring in. Open your big mouth and give us the figures. LOL


Let the Norwalk Reflector post a poll, Do you as a taxpayer believe the AIRPORT should be SOLD? Do you believe it is important to HURON CO? Do you thing a grant should be signed by our commissioners before the full reports, and corrections have been made by the AIRPORT board of directors! Only let each e-mail vote 1 time! Let's see what the VOTERS and Taxpayers want!


The Norwalk Reflector didn't post a poll before Silcox and Bauer signed the 2007 FAA grant to purchase land for the airport, putting Huron County in the legal position of being responsible to keep the airport operational as an airport IN PERPETUITY, why should there be a poll now? The egg cannot be put back into the chicken. With their signatures on that grant, Silcox and Bauer have tied the hands of the Huron County taxpayers FOREVER.


I'll bet you before the week is out our commissioners will use one of their lacky's (most likely Essex) and try to shove the blame for the airport grant refusal on somebody else, probaby the airport authority (all except for Carl), and isn't that funny. I read the 4 page letter on a a website, and you can bet it wasn't written by any of the 3 commissioners. That leaves their boy Essex, our local county paid, tax dodger. He most likely reviewed the application, and wrote the letter. Nice of them to wait until the last minute. Silcox and Bauer need to go in November, and they need to take that"Civil Disobiedient" jackass Carl Essex with them.


I haven't commented on this until now...But I must say, I have not seen/heard a bigger bunch of whiners in my life! All the well to do 'fly-boys', crying b/c they don't get their way! Cheap lodging, cheap gas, all at our( the taxpayers) expense. You all keep comparing the roads and such with the air strip. Ludicrous! Everyone uses the roads in one way or another. The air strip, on the other hand, is only used by a select few! Under your theory, I could go to the airstrip and get an airplane ride to wherever I care to go, b/c my taxes have paid for it already.... Not going to happen.... We, as taxpayers have not seen any growth or retainment of business b/c of this air strip. The roads, at least, are paid for by all the vehicles that deliver goods to our stores, dealerships, people to amusement parks, stores, etc..etc... The only thing I see the air strip doing is Exporting jobs and Not paying taxes on the land it is on...
I am really surprised at you Republicans, opposed to a business man wanting to make money at his enterprise... I guess when it affects YOU, it is criminal...But, if it were us regular 'joes' , or imminent domain for the air strip, or what ever, it would be OK with you... And don't say it wouldn't! Get over it and pay for your own playground! We are DONE! JMO


revolutionary - If you represent "all" of the taxpayers, with the way you think, I'm surprised Huron County's unemployment isn't a whole lot higher. What makes ONE SEASONAL business owner better than ALL of the other EIGHTY-SIX (86) FULL-YEAR business owners who benefit from that airport? Don't you realize that Bader also benefits from that airport where it is? There were over 40 planes that flew into that airport for his last big weekend, including several race car drivers. DUH!


If you look at all the names, I think is becomes apparent that IamaRevolutionary, Contago, Verbal Kint, and Ralphy all have the same writing style, live on the computer til all hours of the night looking over the airport blogs, and write the same political anti airport, anti transportation rhetoric. It should be obvious that Carl ESSEX isn't satisfied enough to have one surname on the paper's site, he's got to post under 5 different names to pretend that 86 businesses are less important than 1 seasonal. Come on Carl,3AM in the morning, give me a break. That is pretty pathetic. November elections, we need to get rid of the puppet masters Silcox and Bauer, and then ESSEX.