Commissioners refuse to sign airport grant application

The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 3, 2012


The Huron County commissioners ended all suspense Thursday and voted down the airport's federal grant application.

The application needed the commissioners' approval and signature before it could be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its consideration.

The vote to turn down the application was 3-0.

The commissioners also voted to send a four-page letter to Dennis Sokol, airport board president, and the airport board members explaining the reasons for their decision.

The grant could have brought about $232,000 in federal funds to the airport for improvements, including tree removal and drainage work.

See Friday's Norwalk Reflector for complete story.



And what would that be specifically? What are ya, a Harry Reid wannabe?


better than a Carl Essex wanna be - only room for one arrogant ass in the county engineer's office


You have one of these charge cards propman?


There are no charge cards.


Changing the subject again. Keep trying but the truth is always the truth no matter how twisted you try to make people see it.


There are no county charge cards at the airport. All fuel and hangar revenues are paid to the Huron County Airport Authority.


AnAmerican, your post is full of distortions and outright lies. It was explained at a recent board meeting that no airport board members had a "prepaid access card." Sokol said that he refused one and uses his own Air BP credit card to purchase fuel and that can be proved. If the county commissioners wanted a board member appointed who had some credibility, and who is not considered a laughing stock in this community, they would not have appointed Carl Essex. Ask anybody in Norwalk about him and they will tell you he is nothing but a trouble-maker.


Bull---they put that #ss on the board to run it to the ground. I've known Carl for many years. He's doing that other #ss's agenda of destroying the Airport , so they can then give it to Bader.
Get a life Carl ......


From Kalispell, MT: On July 17 the Kalispell City Council made its strong statement about the airport’s future, voting to upgrade the airport to a higher level of design standards in a project that would tap federal Airport Improvement Program grant funds. The upgrade was recommended by an airport planning study. The city's decision to move forward would insulate the airport against continued bids for its closure in part because the grant contract would require that the airport continue in operation.

The politicians in Montana understand the meaning of IN PERPETUITY. It's a shame our "three stooges" do not.


Top Ten Reasons to Shut Down the Airport

10. You can walk around the dragstrip but if you are a commissioner you cannot walk around the airport without being maligned or chastised (see prior Reflector article(s).

9. “The FAA may consider a release from grant obligations on a case-by-case basis….” "…..Its report concluded the economic development benefits of the raceway far exceed that of the airport…..” “County commissioners have a substantial case for selling the airport….” (Sandusky Register, Annie Zelm, August 21, 2011: STUDY: CARS RULE OVER PLANES)

8. It is clear some people could be obtaining personal gains from this COUNTY facility. New board members are needed to break up a good old boy system in addition to holding members accountable for their actions and ability to properly maintain the facility.

7. By their own report sold 17,000+ gallons of fuel but showed -0- profit (could it be possible that those few buying the fuel sure did get a bargain at taxpayer expense?)

6. Airport Expenses may include: "Property taxes, the county paying tax on land, insurance, loss of money earned on farm rental, deterioration of the office space and no rent, the cost for installation and maintenance of the fuel pump, electricity usage, water usage, people not paying for their hangar rentals, using the highway department's tractor to cut the grass, future cost to fix or replace the mower owned by the airport and the fuel it will burn, cost to plow the runways in the winter, money needed to fix the HVAC system,..." etc. etc. etc.

5. Huron County could be held monetarily liable for board members’ and the select few plane owners’ actions (to include but not limited to: alleged prepaid county charge cards that are not actually prepaid, unauthorized camping/facility use and not immediately reporting an accident to the NTSB and/or FAA).

4. The airport does not provide a charter service. Outside of private plane owners it is of limited or no use to the average 60 thousand or so Huron County residents

3. Summit NHRA Nationals draws upwards of 100,000 drag racing fans to Norwalk and Huron County, thereby putting Norwalk and Huron County on the national map.

2. …..”Bill Bader Jr. has estimated that an expansion would generate 187 full-time and part-time jobs, bringing the total to 616. He also expects the planned addition of a year-round hotel, restaurant and industrial park would create other opportunities.”

1. Airport: No noticeable funds for Huron County even after 40 flipping years!.......Summit: Consistently through the years millions of dollars in revenue with the potential for millions more in the future for Huron County and its taxpayers.


EXCELLENT reasons to keep the AIRPORT OPEN posted by a RACE CAR DRIVER:
Aug 10, 2012 01:15 PM racer0220 says: Billy Jr needs to come down from the mountain and reevaluate his pie in the sky plans. His dad was a much more reasonable individual. A lot of racers are getting fed up with Jr's attitude. Everyone that races there knows his attendance figures are down. The airport can help bring in customers and business. Face it, most people who have planes have some money. If you are a community you want people with money to come to your community to spend it, so why would you eliminate an avenue that brings money to your area, not the smartest move. WORK TOGETHER for the community. Although I like to race, if there ever was a local disaster, you're not going to get your supplies from a dragster coming down the 1/4 mile. I use to live in FL. After the Hurricanes, and Tornadoes, the airports were used to shuttle supplies in, and as a base for local law enforcement, and emergency management teams. Where will they base at or fly out of if you get rid of your airport. Start using a little commopn sense, and stop listening to the few that have something to gain. Hope the weather holds out for tomorrow night's "Night Under Fire",


AnAmerican spouting atop his pile of BS

1. 90 businesse have used or benefited from airport use, bringing millions of dollars in revenues, with more in sight for the future - you prove its not
2. 187 new jobs for condiment servers, traffic directors, and trash collectors 4 weekends out of the year makes for great headlines. The vast maount of profits wil end up in the family's pocket
3. No arguement, SMP draws racing fans, but numbers are down over the past 3 years. Airport draws businesses, recreational traffic. Businesses bring money,purchase supplies/products from the local businesses who operate on a full time basis, not 60 days out of a year.
4. Charter services from Tiffin and Sandusky regularly use Huron county. If you work for, or have sold supplies/products to any of the 90 businesses, or spent money in our community it matters to everyone. It matters to the farmers who use the local aerial spraying services, and the 30,000 or so acres of cropland each year that are serviced. I'd say that's a major benefit for all huron county.
5. Get your facts straight on the fuel cards before you alledge anything. The commissioners are LIABLE for refusing grant money to remove safety hazards. They are REALLY on the hook
6. Cut your drug use back - more of your lies, and distorsion of the truth - its county property didn't the highway dept volunteer to mow this summer - ITS a County Dept., Equipemnt breaks and needs repairs. The airport is the only county department not receiving anything in 2 years from the general fund. Highway Dept has their own little special unending pot of tax money from license sales to buy,repair their equipment. The rest is more of your BS
7. How many government departments make a profit???, did they lose money on fuel sales??? did they bring in business/customers to the facility/area??? Does the highway dept make a profit on fuel sales, or on road repair issues???
8. False Allegations made by the tax dodger himself, like personal gain from not paying property taxes for 3 years, pot calling the kettle black here besdies being BS.
9. Read the definition of PERPETUITY - Yep on a case by case basis, local newswriter vs your own Clark & Winestock Report which stated chances of selling airport are slim to none.
10. Anyone walkiing around an airport after 911 without telling someone is reason for calling TSA, and local law enforcement. Silcox doesn't own a plane, and he wasn't there for anything other than his or Bader's personal business. He could have called airport officials to tell them he was going to be walking around the airport property. Lucky he wasn't arrested.


10 Reasons why Carl Essex has So much time on his hands to write anti airport blogs under numerous surnames

1. Friday is his day off
2. His wife can't stand him so he is relegated to another room and his computer
3. He doesn't have any other life
4. His only friends are Silcox and Freeman, and they may have to work on Fridays
5. He is alledgedly getting paid off by Bill Bader Jr to conduct a personal anti airport campaign
6. Kovach must be on vacation
7. The mental institution he routinely visits let him go home early today.
8. Silcox has taken over his work load at the engineer's office. (a baboon could do it)
9. It's too late in the afternoon to meet with anyone else to make up more lies about the airport
10. His cocaine /heroin high hasn't yet worn off today so he believes his own bs.


This post is hilarious in its desperation and inaccuracies. It is also incredibly slanderous and libel and is another example of why these few people need to be held accountable for their actions and personal use of a taxpayer owned facility. The anger and hissy fit you people throw when others enter your playground is outrageous. Grow up and park your little planes at Willard or Wakeman, you'll hardly notice the difference.


by the way farmland, you have one those taxpayer county prepaid charge cards?


Carl----give it up. Show me the money Summit brings into this County. Answer that question...


I thought Farmers top 10 on Carl were pretty funny. Time for an new surname Carl, you've worn the "An American" one out. Try "Tax Dodger" for the next one. It's a better fit, or "Lunatic" We'll pretend we don't know its you.


The blog has obviously deteriorated and should be removed, if just to give Carl a break. The commissioners were negligent in refusing free federal grant money to fix up the airport, case closed.

I thought that the farmers top 10 of Essex were kind of funny. He certainly touched on each of Carl's points. You have to understand that Carls Essex suffers from a gastro-intestinal medical ailment called - bullshit backup. Each time he reaches a point in his condition, usually every 5 minutes or so, he has to expell the bullshit. It's not his fault. It may have been hereditary. Symptoms are ,
1. nobody wants to be around you but a few local idiots, and your wife, only because of the vows she took,
2. your mouth continues to move for hours without anything intelligent coming out,
3. you believe you know everything,
4. no other opinions matters except for you and your 2 best friends.
5. you find yourself feeling you are above the law.

Unfortunately there is no cure for this ailment- you end up an arrogant asshole for life!! sorry carl


Attack-like and juvenile post, which seems to be so prevalent among you pilots, board members, and hangers-on. Personal attacks and language like this only makes your argument weak. Once again, I am not Carl as I have been registered for over three years. I don't believe the other posters are Carl either but rather knowledgeable taxpayers.


You poor thing. Please don't cry, I thought it was funny but at your expense. I don't own a plane or fly but I do know if Carl Essex is involved, watch the truth get stretched. Personal attacks are all that's left after the logical points have been twisted by people like you. How stupid it was to refuse a federal grant to fix up a county owned facility that has a perpetuity clause attached. If anything, your allegations show everyone just how scared you , Silcox and Bauer are. Worried enough that you have to distort the truth and lie about the airport's purpose, and benefits to the community. Maybe next you'll alledge the 90 businesses are a fabrication of someone's mind.


You got to be kidding. Knowledgeable taxpayers????? Show me the money Summit brings into the County. Don't bull##it me on that report Bader paid for. The one that says this seasonal business brings in $99 million. Give me a break.... Ask the Auditor or treasurer of Huron County where that money is. Show me the MONEY!!!!


Why give Carl a break? He's busy coming up with new screen names so we wouldn't see through his lies. Whatever name he posts under anyone can see the bs pouring off the screen and it will always stink. Anytime he has someone refute him with facts he changes the subject or ignores the commenter.
What i find most telling is how he'll defend himself with "Nothing wrong here attitude" while attacking a percieved wrong by the airport board and supporters as reason for the firing squad. He plays the double standard game but it only shows that he is playing games here.