Kissing a pig -- and an unwanted 'surprise'

The little pig bore a red lipstick mark and was relieved -- literally.
Aaron Krause
Mar 14, 2011


The little pig bore a red lipstick mark and was relieved -- literally.

Pleasant Elementary students were screaming with laughter not only because their principal, Janice Smith, planted a kiss on its body. Nature's course was calling ... and whether Smith was expecting it or not, the pig had to urinate as the kiss was in progress. Needless to say, Smith got wet.

Although Smith was noticeably hesitant about kissing the pig, it was the point of no return for her. The students had more than held up their end of the bargain; they surpassed the 3,000 books Smith had challenged the student body to read for Right to Read Week. Now she had to hold up her end of the deal by kissing a pig. As she hesitated, the students chanted: "Kiss it!!, Kiss it!!" Kiss it!" No, they did not want to give Smith a reprieve until Monday.

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Kottage Kat

Wee wee wee all the way home.


hahhaha nice comment. you just made my evening.


It's more like...wee wee wee all over the Principal! Good thing that's the only thing it did....PU


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