Local man kicks out cell block window

A Norwalk man finds himself in trouble after a couple incidents early Thursday morning.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 22, 2012


A Norwalk man finds himself in trouble after a couple incidents early Thursday morning.

Anthony C. Harkness, 50, of 11 Sycamore Drive, Apt. E, was arrested by Norwalk police officers for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after allegedly using a relative's car without permission while under the influence.

Harkness' under the influence charge is his sixth in 20 years, making the offense a fourth-degree felony.

Norwalk Police Chief David Light said Harkness had more issues once he arrived at the police station and was placed in the holding cell.

"He was then charged with criminal damaging after kicking out the window in the cell block," Light said.

Light said it will cost $235 to fix the window.

The chief said Harkness would be calm and then have a fit of rage.

"He would have an outburst and then be calm and then go off again and then be calm," he said.

Harkness eventually was placed in the restraint chair, the chief added.



Sounds like he should of been calm when he was having an outburst...bahahaa


harkness.. Gosh that family has been in the papers and in trouble there whole lives. I remember them boyz when it was fun and able to cruise downtown always thinking there were bad and starting trouble. Still 30 yrs later never growing up? Temper tantrum like a 2 yr old..??


Well my friend walk up to Charles and ask him how bad he is and like any man, I'm sure he'll be happy to oblige. But, on the other hand tell him you need help moving some furniture, or doing some yard work and he's just as apt to lend a hand. I've personally seen Charles have 6 dollars in his pocket, a friend ask to borrow 5, and Charles give them all 6, not knowing when he would get paid back and not caring. Charles is a good man and would probably be alot better off if some of the people in his life would leave him be.

what the eff

First of all....lets get it strait....The whole family has not been in trouble for years...i am fifty two and i grew up with this family..they were not problems when we were young..they were good people and matured into good adults...mothers and fathers.. too...Anthony...now hes diff...He has had alot of prob over the years..like alot of other people who grew up here...Anthony never found his spot...after his brother james died..so it seems anyway...The rest of the family are great people that i run into every so often..Anthony was not the Harkness families proudest product...but hey...what family dose not have a cross to bear...so to speak..


what the eff The Harkness' are very good people who I have known for a long time too. Every family has a bad apple or 2 .Hard to believe that trucker who seems to comment on everything like he is all that doesnt realize that


Just adding more frequent flier miles to his account at the court.

R U Kidding me

about 25 yrs ago charles worked for me and I met his brother shortly before he died. charles was a very hard worker and he was trouble but he never gave me any. I could see he had a rough life growing up but I did not look at him that way. He worked hard for me and thats all I asked him to do

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I've known Charles for quite a few years, and he's always been decent to me. Saw him not long ago at Gardeners, he spoke and shook my hand just like always.


I don't know Anthony, but I did know both Charles and Gene and they were both Jerks, and as far as I know the last time I checked, Joann is on Norwalk's most wanted list.


Get your facts straight and learn what the hell your talking about before you post. Dumbass.

Most Wanted

Looks to me like the man has demons and releases his anger on a chair (better than a woman or a man), too bad the Reflector thought it necessary for all to see.


I hang out with Charles and James when I was in school, they were both known as scrappers. I also known them both to be very friendly, if you got along with them, then you was like kin to them. Im sure things haven't changed much. Fact is I'd like to run into Charles again and see how life's been treating him, besides the alcohol problems. I wouldn't be so fast to judge as alot of people act up when intoxicated


Well I try to refrain from commenting on here and lowering my IQ to compete with some of you. First off Feeditter, you know Anthony, but not Charles....kinda hard seeing that they are the same FU$%ing person you idiot. Anthony Charles Harkness is his name. And for the rest of you a$$holes who want to talk sh!t on not only Charles, but the whole family need to go F@^K yourselves. I don't think I have met another family that has suffered as much personal tragedy and loss as the Harkness'. Yet as my friend said earlier, you run in to Charles on the street or in a store and he still calls you sir or ma'am and greets you with either a handshake or a hug. And I'm not saying this from a few fleeting moment of being around Charles, I spent 5 yrs living right next to the Harkness' on the end of Glover St. His father was a strong-willed, but kind man who loved tending his garden, his mother was a lovely woman who greeted our family every day with a smile and wave. His brothers, although all having their own problems and families were also good friends with our family. I remember when we first moved in everyone around told us how Charles would "rob us blind" or " watch out for that( enter racist word here )" My stepfather was a mechanic and at times would leave hundreds of dollars of tools in our driveway after a long day of work. No matter what time of day or night, intoxicated or not, Charles would come walking home and 9 times out of 10, he would pick up the tools, place them in my dads toolbox, and place it inside our porch. He would also come over in the morning for coffee with my parents and although he was older than either one at the time, still referred to them as sir and ma'am. Yeah Charles has his faults as we all do but still to this day, I consider Charles a good friend and am saddened not only to hear he is still having troubles, but that all you a$$holes are vilifing him for his personal struggles.


Oh yeah just so everyone knows, that is my name.....I don't need to hide behind a fake ass screen name. Vaginas


cream of the crop from willard avenue


Hey 2sense can't you tell Glover from Willard Ave? Are do you need a GPS?


I too am not a pussy hiding behind a fake name. Charles is a good friend of mine. He has lived with me for the last year. He moved back to Norwalk to help his elderly neighborhood neighbors because he is a good man. Charles has schizophrenia and wasn't making enough money to pay for his Seroquel because he was going the Christian thing by helping the people he loves. So, he self-medicated himself becasue of family problems. You jerks that hide behind screennames should go back to school learn to read and the first book should be the Bible like Charlie reads; If your simple minds with shallow thoughts can understand it!


Hopefully the Courts can take in consideration that he has a mental illness called Schizophrenia and that his brother James froze to death, brother Geno was shot to death, and his father died in a house fire. See you if can carry that load.


my aren't we sensitive same area


I don't know this man personally but I think its terrible that norwalk reflector felt the need to post that video. We all have our struggles and its too bad that in "modern times" its posted all over the internet for everyone to see. Good god reflector have some common courtesy


I find it interesting that most of the people commenting on these blogs, condemn almost all people that have a drug or alcohol problem. But, if it happens to be someone that people in the area know or respect, then all is forgiven.... I do not understand the distinction that you all make.... Either they are "trailer trash" or "addicts" or they are "misunderstood" good guys that have their "issues".....You all need to get straight in your minds what is wrong for some, is wrong for all....That everyone has personal problems, no matter their name or economic class...JMO

what the eff

whats to find interesting?...theirs no comparison to Charles and the heroin pill pushers being busted in the county...Charles is dealing with a mental condition that is not fueled by drugs. One beer makes u intoxicated by law....So...your comparison is kinda pointless..and slightly stupid..JMO..and prob half the other readers..


Well, let's see.... he was OVI.... so, wth does that have to do with anything you have said? He is "sane" enough to drive a car, he is "sane" enough to follow the law.... One can't have it both ways...