Boy who shot mom could be tried as an adult

A Willard teenager accused of shooting his mother could be tried as an adult.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 1, 2012


A Willard teenager accused of shooting his mother could be tried as an adult.

Michael Mason, 16, was in Huron County Juvenile Court on Thursday for a detention hearing.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler recommended Mason remain in detention due to the seriousness of the alleged offense and that he reportedly fled the scene with a gun tucked under his waistband .

Leffler added that Mason allegedly was planning an escape to Warren to "hide out" and previously had fled the state by vehicle.

Huron County Assistant Public Defender James Joel Sitterly agreed Mason should remain in detention. Judge Timothy Cardwell granted the request.

The shooting took place at 23 N. Main St. in Willard. Mason was later arrested at a Pearl Street residence.

Cardwell said the next step in the court proceedings will be a probable cause hearing where the court will determine whether the case is bound over to common pleas court where Mason would be tried as an adult.

Cardwell added Mason could face an attempted murder charge if tried as an adult or a delinquency charge if he's tried as a juvenile.

The judge added the probable cause hearing could take up to a full day in court. That date has not yet been set, but attorneys said afterward it could be within two weeks.

The boy's mother, Melissa Mason, was listed in good condition at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where she was taken after initial treatment at Mercy Willard Hospital.

Officers recovered the weapon used in the shooting -- a .22 caliber pistol. The gun belongs to the boy's grandfather, who reported it stolen last week.

Willard City Schools were on lockdown following the shooting.

Mason has had a couple other recent run-ins with the law.

He admitted to the Oct. 8 charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and operating a vehicle without a license at a Nov. 4 court hearing.

Mason was charged and admitted to a second charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle stemming from a Dec. 5 incident.

For each offense, Mason was placed on probation.


Yall Make Me Sick

So sad I hope this kid gets the help he needs & pray for speedy recovery for the mom!

yea right

aww mommy and son had a disagreement..just slap his hand on the backside and fill up his palm with the drugs that has put Willard on the map as drug capital of Ohio..
mommy survived..after its just another friday nite in the imbred zone...


WTF are you talking about. Imbred zone? Granted we do have some losers, but dosent everyone. This had not one thing to do with drugs. That kid has had mental problems for some time now. Actually Willard seems to be getting a little better ( that i know of). Its nothing like it was 10 years ago. We still have the exceptions like the Shaarda guy and the prostitutes, but the WPD is doing well on cleaning this town up. It seems that most of the druggies started moving to Shelby and Norwalk. But as i said, Huron county and the surrounding areas have the same amount of losers. But maybe your imbred, bolonga eating @$$ didnt know that!!!!!

yea right

thank God i am from sandtown..actualy Perkins..but hey i did live in Willard for 4 yrs ..being an outsider i seen first hand what bull shivic goes on there..and the imbred is all of Huron co.
the Snorwalk Reject paper shows nothing but losers..


i love the amazing video to this story. it always seems when there is a photo opportunity that little guy with the mean look on his face is always there. i've seen him in photo's with sheriff howard before. he is a funny little guy.

Kottage Kat

JC, Good shots of you. Kat