UPDATE - Shooter caught

(UPDATED at 3:35 p.m. with the mother's condition.) Authorities have caught a local 16-year-old boy who is accused of shooting his mother today.
Joe Centers
May 31, 2012


Authorities have arrested a 16-year-old boy who is accused of shooting his mother and then fleeing.

Michael Mason was arrested on Pearl Street in Willard at about 1:30 p.m.

Alerts sent via phone calls, emails and texts through the Huron County's public alert system had advised area residents to be on the look out for "Michael Mason," who was described as a 5-foot-8, 140-pound white 15-year-old boy wearing Army shorts, a black shirt, glasses, orange backpack and a black hat.

Residents also were told that Mason might be armed and dangerous and driving a 2001 brown SUV.

A final alert notified residents that Mason had been caught.

The shooting took place at 23 N. Main St., Willard, in the house where Mason and his mother live. Court records indicate that Mason is now 16.

Willard City Schools were on a lockdown today due to the shooting but were just removed from lockdown status.

“We immediately went off lockdown status and right to regular procedures,” Willard Superintendent David Danhoff said.

Danhoff said Mason had not attended Willard schools for about a year. “He was a student here, but was a drop-out and was not at this school this year,” he said.

Danhoff had high praise for many who handled the situation.

“I want to thank the Willard police, which did a great job, and Chief Mark Holden, who also did a great job keeping us informed,” he said. “I also want to thank the staff and support staff and administrators and especially our parents and guardians for paying attention to the One Call.”

The Huron County Sheriff's Office assisted Willard police with the search.

The boy's mother, Melissa Mason, is listed in good condition at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where she was taken after initially going to Mercy Willard Hospital. She sustained a gunshot wound in the back.



Cliff Cannon

@ dotty 35: Amen


I agree LILANGEL , It should have never gotten down to this,,,, BUBBA SHOULD HAVE HAD HIM A LONG TIME AGO,, but im sure he Will enjoy him now! =0 Have a great evening crying.!


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@DarkestBurningStar.,.... you are NOT FUNNY!!! shame on you!


Just say but you guy should not go blamming the school the school was protecting me and all of my friends if they did not lockdown the school or the parks proably alot of people would be hurt and dont blam the cierf i just think you get a ife . just pray for kid and hope he get better some slap the heck out the person kili i the on first page good goob most wanted


Just say but you guy should not go blamming the school the school was protecting me and all of my friends if they did not lockdown the school or the parks proably alot of people would be hurt and dont blam the cierf i just think you get a ife . just pray for kid and hope he get better some slap the heck out the person kili i the on first page good goob most wanted

Are You Kiddin

No one is saying that the schools going on lockdown today was not a good thing. It was an excellent thing. I have to give the school credit for that. However, most of the post critizing the schools comes from the situation that happened last year when Mr. Mason had the list he was going around with. A lot of us parents feel it was not handled appropriately. Willard Schools did an excellent job today and I will praise them on that. However, if they would have handled the situation last year, this may not have happened today.


The kid dropped out, what more do you want them to do? Drive to his house and take his back yard recess away? He-dropped-out.


Exactly, but the know it all and uneducated pick and choose what they read and hear and expect the police and the schools to keep an eye on this kid 24-7. This isn't the schools nor anyone else fault except this troubled kid.

Yall Make Me Sick

Why don't people STOP bashing Howard Willard Schools and just pray for the mom to have a speedy recovery & for this child who needs help! It's people that sit on here & talk crap and bully that make people do crazy stuff not like this persay but overdosing killing themselves cause they do feel alone in this world! Great job HCS WPD AND Willard City Schools! How but you go grab your kids if you have them or your family an tell them you love them and kiss them and be thankful for what you do have because tomorrow is never promised!!


So true


Well said..




In just looking at these comments there is no surprise our children are in the situations they are in, joking , hoping another crime is committed and this boy gets molested, swearing. Is there not one adult with a serious thought in the community to comment. If the adults don't know to handle their emotions properly we surely cant expect the children to. The problem can be summed up by a poster I once saw of a little boy sitting on the steps of the school with his head down and God asking him what was the matter and he said "they dont want me in there" and God responded don't feel bad they haven't wanted me in there for years". I do sympathize with the boy and his mother and all the children who are being controled by sin, that said sympathy is not enough nor good resolve. We no longer teach our children respect of God or there is someone we will one day answer to on how we have lived our lives. In most part we don't want to teach that to our children because it would bring up questions as to why we as parents live such "anything goes" no respect , no fear of God lives. The drug and violence problem is not one that is going to get fixed with another counciling session or program " we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers , against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickeness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 Be sober, be vigilant; because your advisary the devil, as a roaring lion walkes about , seeking whom he may devour 1 Peter 5:8. He is DEVOURING our children, DEVOURING our homes., DEVOURING our schools and our community. The devil is not scared of a committee or another program but he is scared of a life that has turned from their own path and given their life to Jesus and is covered by all that his blood acomplished on the cross. This is a spiritual problem that needs to be met head on by our churches in prayer, our parents turning from Saturday out to Sunday morning family church going , bring the 10 comandments and the Bible back into our schools AND in our homes. he creator made us and send a instruction manual with us, trying to live our life without following these instruction is much the same as buying any new electronic and instead of reading the instruction manual pluging it into the wrong voltage or washing it in the washer, it would short circuit its potential... so do we short circuit our life span and God given potential when we try to live our life without reading the precautions in the "manual" the Bible. God help us to turn to you again.

Yall Make Me Sick

Amen! And so very true! Well said!


Hey guess what. If you can't handle the bullying THEN YOU CAN'T HANDLE LIFE. Best weed them out now. Oh boo hoo it was the bullying. He shot his MOTHER in the BACK. Doesn't get much more screwed up then that. If his mom would not have took him in and home schooled him.... then GUESS WHAT he would have possibly SHOT UP THE SCHOOL AND TOOK YOU ALL OUT!!! She knew what she had to do and she did it. As far as I'm concerned she kept all you other little critters SAFE from the HELL that she created. THIS SOCIETY IS TO SENSITIVE ANYMORE. GROW SOME BALLS AMERICA!!!!!!! I DON'T CARE HOW BULLIED YOU ARE YOU DO NOT MAKE A HIT LIST OR YOU ARE A WEAK MINDED INDIVIDUAL AND YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE. ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE.


to "kirstilivingston"

Getting busted smoking a doobie is a "mistake". Shooting your mother is a bit of a bigger issue.


Everyone and their opinions on this site. They should cut out this part of the paper online so everyone can keep their opinions to theirselves and in their own households. Are we adults here? Some people just act like they are in high school with some of the bullying comments posted on here. Shame on you and the NR for letting this go on. Someone always has something to say about every story and every person. "If you dont have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Since you people who talk badly about others are so perfect and all...


I'm not perfect, I just didn't pop mom in the back with a slug lately. I tell you what luvmakingexcuses, if I ever do, I fully expect to make the paper and I fully expect everyone to say I'm a loon. Now, if I don't want that to happen, I'm going to choose not to pop my mom in the back with a slug. Pretty simple.


I wasnt actually referring to just this story. More like everything in the paper. But more to the people who go off subject just to make rude comments about others and how people go back and forth on here arguing about everything and being hateful to each other. It's disgusting Yanni. Just like you coming back at me for no reason. I was just stating my own opinion about the paper. Not the story. Which, yes, is very sad.

believe it

The stupidity on this site is so overwhelming I'm not sure where to even start to comment on it.


Im a neighbor and the kid had some horrible mental problems. But good job to the Willard police department for locking down the schools so quickly. Thats the concern and im glad they responded so well. And this had nothing to do with drugs or anything, the kid is and always was mentally unstable. I just cant believe that anyone would allow this kid out of jail after he had a hit list claiming it was gamers. Its a sad scenario for the mother. If you can shoot your mom, you would shoot anyone!!!


Some of these comments amaze me. I myself took my child from Willard schools because of the bullying. Many children that are bullied for years by a selfish uncaring school system has let my child down as well as other children. This is a much bigger problem than just this kid. The school allows bullying and this was bound to happen and will happen again if the school systems do not handle the kids that are DOING the bullying. Instead of punishing the kids being bullied. My child was punished for standing up to the kids that was bullying him for three years. GROW UP, this problem affects many kids in Willard Schools and as an adult I blame the school. That is why I took my child out and home schooled him. I did not want him to grow up with hate because of a school system that could not protect him from other children. SAD THAT THIS KID PAYED THE PRICE FOR A SCHOOLS SYTEMS MISTAKE!!!


I am praying for the child as well as the mother. They both deserve the help they need, as to the judgements they are recieving from some of the people in these comments. Walk a mile in a man's shoe's before judging that man.

Kottage Kat

starfox, Walking a mile in someone else's shoes only makes you a mile further away from the problem and with someone elses shoes. Kat

6079 Smith W



By walking in another mans shoe's, you not only understand where he has been, you understand where he is going and why. My parents taught me to never judge a person until you understood what that person was going through and why they did what they did.

6079 Smith W

@ starfox59: The world ain't rational. Sometime's its just nutz. Live with it.


That is what is wrong with the world today!!! People would rather blame than understand.

6079 Smith W

@ starfox59: I learned long ago: Attempting to "understand" the insanity of the world is insane.

No blame; IMO, one should just go about one's own business unless events dictate otherwise.