St. Paul students could face charges in ADHD drug conveyance

Norwalk police have completed the investigation involving the alleged conveyance of prescription medication from one student to another Tuesday at St. Paul High School.
Scott Seitz2
May 19, 2012


Norwalk police have completed the investigation involving the alleged conveyance of prescription medication from one student to another Tuesday at St. Paul High School.

Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton handled the case and provided details Friday.

"We were called to the school by Mr. (John) Livengood, athletic director and dean of students, where a student was brought in and interviewed by the school and admitted involvement in this," Fulton said.

Fulton said what allegedly happened was a 17-year-old junior boy intended to sell one of his attention deficit hyperactive disorder pills to an 18-year-old senior boy.

Fulton said there were a total of two pills involved.

"One of the pills was recovered while the other was taken by the senior student," he said.

The senior who took the medicine was released to his mother and taken to the hospital for possible tests, Fulton said.

"No money ever exchanged hands," Fulton said.

"This happened in the hallway in the morning and was observed by someone who took the correct action," he added.

Fulton said both boys received 10-day, out-of-school suspensions.

He added the case has been turned over to the prosecutor's office/juvenile court for the consideration of charges.

Fulton would not release the names of the uncharged students.

Fulton also wanted to dismiss some rumors about the incident.

"This has nothing to do with K2 (synthetic marijuana) or anything like that," he said. "This investigation is complete. No other kids were involved.

"The administration there (St. Paul) is extremely proactive with this type of thing," Fulton said. "Mr. (Wayne) Babcanec (school president), Mr. Livengood and Mr. (Jim) Tokarsky (high school principal) were extremely cooperative. They don't want this type of thing in the school."





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Most Wanted

Parents who have their kids on any type of ADHD medicine should be aware that yes, it is one of the new teen highs. Teens that take these meds are being convinced to sell their pills. You might want to be proactive on this and keep your teens medicine under lock and key and give your child his medication and watch him take it. Sounds overboard...but better than the above happening because it is happening more than you know. It's crazy in college and becoming very popular in high school. And this isn't a pill you'd think of as just the druggies are taking it! This is a pill that the stressed out kids who are in too many activities and are stressed out and have too much going on...which in 90% of todays kids. BEWARE of this one and don't think your kid wouldn't do it.

Cliff Cannon

@ Most Wanted : Thanks for this very informative comment. Sure hope, your wisdom is heeded


If you think it's bad in high school, wait til your kids get to college. Adderall and Ritalin are the two most abused drugs on college campuses. It is readily available and kids frequently use it to stay awake and alert for long periods of time, in order to cram for exams. The sad part is that many become addicted to them or end up having medical problems do to its effect on the Central Nervous System and heart if not used correctly or in the proper dose.

Most Wanted

Exactly...High School parents...don't think your over stressed kids are not aware of this and they don't know a college kid or two that haven't told them about this! They do!


There are ALOT more details that the paper has left out; like the fact that 2 of the kids involved are from "prominent" locals families. Chances are, they will get a slap on the wrist. BIG SURPRISE!!

Most Wanted

A 10 day suspension is not a slap on the wrist....maybe you missed a detail?


10 days for amphetamine possession.


A ten day suspension for possession and attempted distribution of a controlled substance. This is why Norwalk/Huron County has so many drug addicts.


So teens abuse ADHD medication to keep them awake and alert for long periods of time? I thought that's what Five Hour Energy was for, lol.


My friends what I see here is murmuring. What we need to be doing is praying for these people.


You sure didn't hesitate to print the names of the Norwalk boys that were in trouble but the 18 year old at St. Paul, who is an adult, his name was conveniently left out. And I know it's because of who they are and what families they come from but how fair is that. Now, I honestly don't agree with printing ANY of their names regardless of their school but if you're going to do it to one, then it should be the same for everyone. Maybe if the name were out there, then his parents wouldn't be able to bury their head in the sand any longer and realize he's not the angel they try to portray him to be.


Justcurious i know........... similar thing happened when a youth from S.P. got in a jamb. "Inducing panic?" Any way football play-offs rapidly approaching & gee whiz let's drag our feet on this legal issue awhile. (excuses?) Then after play-offs are over young man from SP " goes through system."======godda wonder on that 1.


That's just the way it works. Get used to it.


Kurtje football playoffs rapidly approaching, do you not know when football playoffs even start and also both students will not be on the football team this season.


first read his comments he said a similar incident not this 1


MJ I'll clarify it better for you. That was a PAST experience. SAVOY?


teens abuse this drug? go to any local factory very easy to get! sad but true