Two arrested in major drug bust in Norwalk

Local authorities raided a Norwalk residence Sunday night and seized heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. They also made two arrests.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 14, 2012


Local authorities raided a Norwalk residence Sunday night and seized heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. They also made two arrests.

Drug investigators with METRICH, a 10-county task force, used a search warrant at 5211 U.S. 250 N., Norwalk.

Seven officers from the Norwalk Police Department, Willard Police Department, Huron County Prosecutor's Office and the Huron County Sheriff's Office seized 44 balloons of heroin, crack cocaine, three weapons, marijuana, hundreds of used hypodermic needles, other drug related paraphernalia and more than $300 U.S. currency.

Darran Townsend, 26, who is currently out on bond and is awaiting sentencing for possessing 98 balloons of heroin at an Erie County motel in November 2011, was arrested and transported to the Huron County Jail on several drug-related charges.

Scott Dale, 34, who was convicted of trafficking in heroin in November 2011 and was sentenced to three years of community control, was arrested for violating the terms of his probation at the direction of his parole officer. He was transported to the Huron County Jail without incident.

The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are likely, police said.

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Most Wanted

Darran is awaiting sentencing...Scott is serving the first 6 months of a 3 yr community control.....both for heroin possession/trafficking. I hate to tell you this Judges....but Scott is not on COMMUNITY CONTROL.....SCOTT IS OBVIOUSLY CONTROLLING OUR COMMUNITY!


Shame on you Townsend. Your grandmother has taken care of you and supported you for at least the past 5 years and this is how she is repaid. Finally,you get to go to the big house. And you will be going , so get ready.


You have to be a "user" if you know my grandmother is a good person....


BMaye....So you are saying that everyone that knows your grandmother is a user?? I know your grandmother and know that she is a good person and I AM NOT A USER!!

yogi bear

I bet this was Deputy Querin's and Deputy Duncan's case and they took Norwalk along with them. Duncan and Querin are the Dynamic Duo of Law enforcement.


Hopefully these two can't snitch their way out this time. But as lenient as the judge is on drug addicts around here they'll both get sentenced to some form of rehab facility, just to be out doing the same thing in 6 months. It's about time they use someone as an example and ship these two off to a nice sentence. Cut and clear they've both been busted and didn't learn.


SNITCHING..... Ummm excuse you but for YOUR information... my BROTHER has never been NOR will ever be a SNITCH.... How about instead of hiding behind fake user names... why don't you put your real name... oh thats right probably because you are all SNITCHES yourself... because your all USERS and more than likely got cought on some kind of charge and now you are saying others are snitches because you got out of your charges are SNITCHING....


Figured his grandma woulda known he was fking up yet again supporting him the past 5 years. Just sad she had to endure this cuz she's a good lady


If you know that she is a good person evidently you ahve been out to her house.... there for you knew that was going on as well and must be a "user"


Death sentence should be put in place.


Great job L.E! === Thanks!


Great job Metrich!!! glad to see more junkies off our streets...but yeah sorry for grandma


For 1. He was't a "major" dealer... For 2. You don't know him so don't judge him and for 3. He would do anything for anyone so there for he was a good person so don't call him a junkie


This comment is to TheWho and anyone else who feels the same way, you want to go passing judgement on people without even knowing them. I realize that this is open for discussion on this site, but you need to get your facts straight and not accuse people of being snitches. I'm not saying that what this case involves in right by any means but, if it wasnt for Townsends own uncle and cousin "snitching" on him as you word it he wouldn't be facing charges in erie county and probably would have got his life on track. Again I say, if he is guilty of the charges, what was done doesn't make it right. I'm just saying that people shouldn't pass judgement on others without knowing the facts. But, of course with it being in Norwalk everyone is "snitching" if they don't get what everyone else wants them to get out of there charges. LOL, get a life and stop hiding behind a screen name to talk about other people you know nothing about. Walk a mile in someones shoes who is an addict and has no means to get help when they want it the most. Huron county and surrounding counties need to offer more help for addicts who want to get clean and not push them away. As far as the grandmother, what she had to go through is wrong and never should have happened. But, people live and learn. If you live in the past, you'll never make it to the future.

yea right

both are loses..only dopes do dope..again the cream of the crop for Huron Co. 45% drug dealers 45% sex offenders 10% losers...


So you must be the proud brother talking. Here you are babbling about how these counties must offer more help,first these counties dont own anyone anything. He choose to do drugs when he was sober to make that choice. Second, he has been thru how many rehabs now 3 or 4 and he still choose to do drugs, So dont sit here and cry oh boo hoo now because he is in jail.If you dont learn by your mistakes the first time you get a second chance, then shame on you. Its your own fault and no ones elses. Its amazing what the slaming of a steel door does to people. If he wants help, a steel trap in this case will be the best, because he cant and wont choose to turn around and walk away from drugs. This way the bar door will MAKE him say no to drugs. And you are also wrong, living in the past will help you make your future, unless you keep on making the same bad mistakes. Drugs = Death period

swiss family

well said "uturn"I agree 100% with you.. if I could just add 2 points though, this writer seems to be MORE upset that these guys are being labeled as "Snitches" instead of as drug addicts and drug dealers!!! Sadly, that shows the mindset of the family and close friends.... sad Huh??? Plus I would like to Officially tell every single Norwalk Kid, and all of the surrounding areas residents and kids as well...... MANY MAN MADE DRUGS, COKE, HEROIN, CRACK , CRANK, ICE WHATEVER!!! ARE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE AFTER THE FIRST TIME YOU TRY IT!!!! there now everyone should be informed, and everyone should know that if they refuse to abide by the warning, and try it and get addicted to it.. IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CITY,, THE COUNTY, THE STATE, TAXPAYERS,OR EVEN YOU FRIENDS OR PETS... YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DECISIONS.. and know that this decision is life changing.. so please don't say that you didn't know, and please don't say that the "People" don't do enough to "rehab" these druggies.. it is NOT our responsibility!!! It IS up top us though to make sure that the punishment doled out is severe enough to punish losers who can not make better choices,and to make sure they are separated for the general population, to keep the majority away from trash... just sayin


KTownsend, I guess someone forced them to abuse drugs someone else made that choice for them huh. So it is okay to leech off of family and society, I don't think so.


yeah actually people do force people to do it... or they purposely get get them hooked so that they will continue to do it...


To KTownsend: If you live in the past, you'll never make it to the future... Well, if he lives in HIS past then HE will never make it to the future because drugs kill, no exception. Eventually the drugs will kill him unless HE chooses to make different choices. You can't blame anyone else, not society or our government for not doing enough. I KNOW he has been given many chances to change and he always turns back to drugs and hurting his family and friends. HE is the only one who can make the decision to change. You can hand out all the help in the world and a person will still not change until they are ready to. And when the time comes that he really is ready to change then he will do it for himself, not because others think he should. People need to be responsible for their own actions and not blame others around them. We ALL make choices and we have to learn from those choices. I believe he will have plenty of time to think about his choices now and I hope and pray it changes his life. I will not say he is a loser or anything bad about him... but I do hope that this makes him realize he needs to change his ways and stop hurting everyone around him. And I know he can change if and when HE really wants to and he is a really good person when he is sober... but plain and simple, what he did was wrong and I will not defend him or his actions. He needs to help himself and get HIS life together


For anyone that doesn't know by now, yes I am the proud brother. Proud that I have a brother who is a very good person when he's not using. At least I'm not hiding who I am behind a screen name and talking trash. I don't and never will agree with people being drug dealers so let's get that straight right now. Also for anyone that thinks they know anything about my brother, you have no clue only your opinions about him. He has never been to any rehabs in his life and has never been givin the chance to enter a treatment facility. He may have told alot of people he has but the truth is, he has never been in one. I realize that most people who are selling drugs end up re-offending and those are the people that never wanted help in the first place. As far as the whole tax payers not being responsible for his actions, I agree fully. But, I don't agree with the fact that the tax payers money that Norwalk Police are getting paid to do there jobs is going the right place. Instead they are busting the little guys that are users and using them to do there job and wire up on the people they are getting it from.




All you people are bums sitting around passing judgement on some one for making a mistake in life so what stuff happens idk why you people just talk spit all the time when your lives are probably no better so just remember only god should pass judgement so to all you haters get a life and stop tripping on other peoples

swiss family

"Droark &Ktownsend" it really does NOT help your case much to come on here and say such thoughtless things... you claim that we don't know him... and I know , I do not know either of them... and from this "Mistake"(as you call it) I know that they are not anyone that I would be interested in knowing...let me show you the flaw in your thinking.... when you hear the names Lee H. Oswald,, or Adolph Hitler, or Mother Theresa, or Lady Di... you know that you do not , and have never physically or personally talked ti any of them, and yet you have an opinion of them by their actions... you got that by JUDGING them with your analytically enhanced skills, and reached that determination.... same is true here.. we see pictures of drug pushers in the newspaper, and we Judge them and decide that they are worthless to us... it is up to THEM to change our opinions, not by their words or their family endorsements, but by their future actions.. or if they are given the chance to ever make a free decision again...

Now you call this a "Mistake" ummm forgetting to put the milk back in the refrigerator is a mistake, failing to put gas in your car, or dropping a carton of eggs is a "Mistake" selling and taking drugs.. is a LIFE CHOICE>>>> NOT A MISTAKE !!! can you see the difference???? and finally what you say about the Norwalk Police going after the wrong people,, they only get the little guys instead of the big dealers... so let me ask you this..if your home is infested with bees... don't you kill as many as you can see??? you logically do know that in bees there is a Queen who rules the entire hive, so it is only putting a band aid on an open wound when you kill the little worker bees, because they won't go until the Queen decides to go, but all of us spray and swat and rid our lives of the "little bees" right??? the same logic goes here... Some day the Queen druggie will fall, but until then we will take pride in ridding our community of all the "worker" druggies.... just sayin


Swiss: WELL said! We did not develop an opinion because we woke up one day and decided we wanted to not like someone or their actions... we developed the opinion because of the actions of the person. Why does everyone think Mother Theresa is wonderful? Because she did wonderful things all of her life... so, if you make bad decisions and prove you are not a great person then don't expect people to think positively about you. This doesn't just go for this person who got busted. This goes for MANY people we all know. Unfortunately we ALL have these people in our lives somehow at some point.


Dear mister Swiss family in your first few words I could you are a douche cause you are acting like your better then other people when "every one is created equal" and considering your trying to act smart when your plainly not which tells me your just a wanna be. Oh and please keep talking spit and commenting cause you being a hater just makes you look dumb.
Thank you from droark

swiss family

"DRoark".... when you say that I, and others on here think that we are "acting like we are better than that" the truth is that most of us strive to be better than a criminal druggie, and user... so most of us would be shamed if we were actually nothing more than a caught, criminal druggie and dealer.... so you are correct... most of us act like we are better that that(and again by that I mean an arrested drug taker and drug dealer).. because we try really hard to do the right thing in situations, and that does make us better than someone who just settles as being the lowest form of life, selling destructive drugs, and profiting from the weaknesses of the rest of the bottom of the gene pool...I also would like to say to whichever family member pointed out that these guys are great guys, and "they would do anything for everyone" if that is really true, as you imply it to be, we as a community are asking them to stop selling and taking harmful and addictive drugs, and to change their criminal ways, and to join us in striving to be better that "that".. if what you say is true and he will do anything, than this is all that I ask of them... will they do it???? just sayin.


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Loser??? Actually they are really good people just like Darran is a good person... if you want to put names out there why cant you put your own name out there for everyone to see??? Chickie Chickie BOCK BOCK... atleast they was men enough put their names just like I'm woman enough to put mine... now go back to drinking your life away...


Regardless what all u people say. I can say this... darran is a very good person. So what he made a mistake, no one is perfect and no one should be judging him. I might not agree with what he does but it will never change the outlook on what I think about him.quit looking at the negatives.he has positives too. Live your own life and let him live his. No matter what u do darran u will always be a friend of mine and a good person. Hold your head up bro.......