Meth, drug defendants get trial dates

Cary Ashby • Aug 29, 2014 at 9:07 AM

A Willard man entered a "not guilty" plea to helping manufacture methamphetamine Tuesday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Billy J. Kilgore, 36, of 223 1/2 Woodbine St., Willard, is charged with complicity to illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs in connection with a June 25 incident. If convicted of the third-degree felony, he faces nine months to three years in prison.

"We represent the co-defendant," said Huron County Public Defender David Longo, who handled Tuesday's arraignment as a courtesy since defense attorney Reese Wineman is representing Kilgore.

"I haven't spoken to Mr. Kilgore about the facts of the case for that very reason," added Longo, who didn't name the suspected accomplice.

Kilgore earlier posted a $5,000 bond. His trial date is Dec. 18.

Other defendants who entered "not guilty" pleas Tuesday were:

• Larry A. Long Jr., 39, of 25 Lee St., goes to trial Dec. 16 on possession of cocaine in connection with an April 28 incident. He earlier posted a $5,000 bond.

Long and Kilgore said they have prior felony convictions, but currently aren't on probation. That means they are eligible for prison sentences if they are convicted.

In July 2010, Long was sentenced to four months in the Huron County Jail for two counts of burglary. He also was fined $1,000 as part of his three years of probation.

• Roy A. Stewart III, 33, who reports being homeless, has trial date of Nov. 4 on four counts of trafficking in heroin in connection with incidents on June 2, 3, 4 and 5. However, Longo said the defendant wants to make a plea deal with prosecutors and resolve the case quickly.

"He just wants to wrap up the case and go to prison," Longo told Judge Jim Conway.

• Crystal M. McFarlin, 29, of 91 1/2 Foster St., has a trial date of Dec. 18 on one count each of possession of cocaine and possession of oxycodone, both in connection with an April 19 incident. She is out on a personal recognizance (PR) bond, meaning she signed a court document and promised to appear for future hearings and didn't have to pay any money.

• Eric J. Reese Jr., 20, of 47 Chatham St., goes to trial Oct. 30 on two counts of trafficking in marijuana in connection with incidents on April 8 and 9. He must post a $5,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.

• Chris R. Wallen, 32, of 9 W. Union St., Greenwich, goes to trial Dec. 11 on one count each of theft and falsification, both in connection with an incident between July 20, 2013 and Nov. 2. He is out on a PR bond.

Each defendant is subject to random drug screens.

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