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Commissioners reject new airport office complex value

Scott Seitz2 • Aug 3, 2014 at 2:07 PM

The Huron County commissioners recently rejected a new recommended value for the office complex at the airport.

The board of tax revision recently recommended a value of $208,800 on the complex, down from the previous appraisal of $410,000.

The county airport board had hired its own outside appraiser who submitted a value of $75,000.

"We've asked for a hearing with the board of revision," Commissioner Tom Dunlap said. "We're hoping to get that value down a little bit. I think if it can be settled right there during that board of revision hearing, that would be great."

Dunlap, who serves on the board of revision with Auditor Roland Tkach and Treasurer Kathleen Schaffer, did not vote on the $208,800 recommended value, but did vote to reject that number.

During the to-be-scheduled hearing, Dunlap said the commissioners will appoint an interim board of revision member to replace him because the commissioners are the owners of the airport office complex.

The airport board has been trying to have the office complex re-valued for months, with the hope of lowering the tax bill on the structure.

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