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Former CVG property showing signs of life

Scott Seitz2 • Jul 30, 2014 at 2:07 PM

Local residents might have noticed a bit of activity at the former Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) property.

That property, located at 55 N. Garfield St., changed hands twice this spring.

First, Norwalk Patriot bought the building for $550,000.

Then, a company, which has some ties to Bellevue, purchased the facility for $700,000.

According to county documents, another company with an office in Sandusky, requested information regarding taxes if it purchased the building for about $900,000.

"I've noticed some concrete work being done on the south side and some vehicles moving in and out of there," Councilman Chris Mushett said. "It looked like they were working on the loading docks, too. Any activity is a good sign."

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