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Chenango Road crisis situation comes up empty

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jul 28, 2014 at 11:50 PM

Authorities continue to search for a 44-year-old Chenango Road man who reportedly assaulted his wife, destroyed her cell phone and greeted a sheriff's deputy with three guns.

Jasen Kruki's wife called the Huron County Sheriff's Office for assistance Friday evening after her husband allegedly pushed and kicked her, injuring her shoulder. When the victim told Kruki about contacting the sheriff, he destroyed her cell phone.

After Sgt. Todd Corbin arrived at the home, Kruki had a sidearm pistol and two long guns with him on the porch. Kruki reportedly told Corbin, "You have no business being here. Get off my property."

Corbin couldn't get close enough to Kruki "because he was so heavily armed," Detective. Richard Larson said.

Kruki immediately picked up his weapons, holstered his sidearm and went back into his house. At some point, he let his dog loose, a German shepherd mix breed, Larson said.

Corbin retreated to his cruiser, standing behind the door for cover and called for backup. Meanwhile, the sergeant located the victim, the couple's teenage son and the victim's mother in a bean field and told them to leave the area because it was not safe.

At this point -- while the house's three entrances were unsecured -- officials suspect Kruki escaped. But, they had no idea of that until about eight hours later, when the Mansfield Police Department's SWAT team searched the house and found it empty.

Acting in the crisis situation, several deputies and other surrounding departments were called in for help, including Lorain County Sheriff's Office, New London Police, Willard Police, Ontario Police and New London Fire Department.

"Everything escalated pretty quick," Larson said. "We are really appreciative of all the other agencies.

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