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Benedict-Elm widening could take two more months

Scott Seitz2 • Jul 22, 2014 at 1:07 PM

Local residents need to hold tight, as work continues on the widening of the Benedict Avenue-Elm Street intersection for the next two months.

"It has taken over a month just to do the one side," said Josh Snyder, Norwalk public works director.

"The real important step in the process and the one that is going to talk a lot of time is the electrical work," he said.

Snyder said the installing of the traffic signals is the critical part of the work.

"If you see the traffic signals going up, you know the end is near for the project," he said.

The traffic signals were ordered two weeks ago, but Snyder said it normally takes eight weeks for delivery.

"The traffic signals are made in a plant down south," Snyder said. "They then test them before they are certified."

Another key part of the project is adding the left-turn lanes on Benedict at Elm.

"Elm Street is used a lot," Snyder said. "It's one of only a handful of east-west connector roads. The turn lanes will be a great addition, especially, for people who drive the road on a regular basis."

Snyder said residents might feel like the project is taking forever because Columbia Gas began relocating utilities this past winter.

"Columbia Gas tore it up," he said. "The roadway, front yards, boulevards and sidewalks were all tore up throughout the winter. It seems like the project has been going on for eight months, but it really hasn't."

Snyder said, overall, the project is going well.

"We're fortunate we have good parallel roads," he said. "The residents are using Linwood and Norwood. And for the most part, the trucks are following the detour routes."

Councilman Chris Mushett has been keeping an eye on the work.

"This will clean up and make this a more efficient intersection," he said. "I thought this project would go a lot quicker, but it is much more complicated than it appears on the surface."

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