Items stolen from cars during 'crimes of opportunity'

Cary Ashby • Jul 17, 2014 at 5:07 PM

Village police are investigating several vehicle break-ins and thefts from over the weekend.

"The thefts occurred on the alley off Huron Street, (on) Liberty Street and Wilcoxin Street. There are just a few blocks that separate those streets," Milan Police Chief Bob Meister said. "We think the thefts occurred between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning."

Stolen from various vehicles were $6 in quarters and a GPS unit. Meister said the culprits stole a purse from one vehicle "along with all the person's identification."

"There were other vehicles entered, but nothing was stolen," the chief added. "We had three victims."

Meister wants all Milan residents to be vigilant about locking up their personal effects, including their houses, garages and vehicles.

"These are not smash-and-grab artists," he said.

While Meister didn't have a list of suspects as of Monday, the chief said he believes the culprits are juveniles who will test a door handle to see if a vehicle is unlocked.

"Truthfully, this is a crime of opportunity," Meister said. "The investigation is ongoing."

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