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Airport 'very important' to local farmers

Scott Seitz2 • May 21, 2014 at 12:07 PM

A local business has voiced its support of the Huron County Airport.

Tony Myers, branch manager of Sunrise Norwalk Agronomy, recently issued a letter to local customers encouraging them to let the county commissioners know how important the airport is to agriculture.

"In an effort to continue giving you the best service possible, we are fighting to keep the Huron County Airport open," Myers wrote to customers. "As you may already know, we use that airport to fly around 30,000 acres of fungicide application per year.

"The Huron County commissioners are actively looking to close or sell the airport," Myers added. "We have met with the commissioners to let them know the airport is very important to the farming community and how it would greatly affect you as customers with aerial applications of fungicides."

Myers explained in his letter what could happen if the airport closed.

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