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Firelands Museum offers free admission

Joe Centers • May 16, 2014 at 10:07 AM

In collaboration with National Museum Day, the Firelands Museum will offer free admission Sunday and officially open its new Indian Room display.

The hours are from noon to 4 p.m. and light refreshments will be available.

As the oldest continuing museum in the state of Ohio, the Firelands Museum has amassed one of the finest collections of local ancient Native American artifacts to be found.

This collection was greatly expanded with the generous donations of Richard and Marjorie Black, relatives of the Thomas family of east Norwalk. Members of the Thomas family were avid collectors of some of Ohio's finest ancient artifacts for more than two generations.

The Black family inherited this collection and has donated much of it, along with generous financial backing, to create an archaeological research room in the Firelands Historical Society's Laning-Young Research Center, 9 Case Ave, Norwalk.

Focusing mainly on the prehistoric history of Huron and Erie counties, the room contains artifacts encompassing nearly 14,000 years of human activity, including the remains of the Firelands Ground Sloth. The bones of this Ice Age animal were found in Huron County in the early 1900's and represent the earliest evidence of prehistoric man in Ohio.

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