Norwalk police investigating threat at NHS

Cary Ashby • May 7, 2014 at 12:07 PM

The Norwalk Police Department is continuing its investigation of an undisclosed student-related incident.

"It was (Monday) afternoon when we were made aware of it," Sgt. Tom Cook said Tuesday.

"Capt. Eric Hipp is the one investigating it," added Cook, who declined to provide any details. "It's still under investigation. Not everybody has been interviewed. There are still some more interviews to be done."

When asked about the general type of complaint, Cook said it was a student-related incident "that already had been handled."

The Norwalk Truckers Facebook page posted a message regarding the suspected incident about 9 a.m. Tuesday.

"Any time there is the rumor of a threat to the safety of our children in our schools, don't hesitate to call our schools. There is currently a rumor running rampant on Facebook regarding a possible threat. The alleged threat was investigated by the Norwalk Police Department and addressed. We appreciate any communication from our community regarding the safety of our students. Thank you," the Facebook message states.

Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty said police were called Monday about a possible threat.

"Fortunately, it was nothing," he added.

Once police investigated the complaint, Doughty said officers determined there was no actual threat.

"It had a whole life of its own on Facebook. Police were called to the high school so people could feel safe," the superintendent said.

Unfortunately, Doughty said people saw police at Norwalk High School and wondered if something was wrong.

The superintendent is encouraging residents to call the school about any problems instead of posting rumors online.

"My message is call so we can deal with the issue. Facebook isn't the best way to do it," Doughty said.

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