Sheriff releases text between detectives about drug warrant

Cary Ashby • Apr 30, 2014 at 12:07 PM

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard has released the text correspondence between one of his detectives and a Norwalk police detective before deputies used a warrant at a Benedict Avenue residence.

The text messages between sheriff's Detective Kayla Zander and police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton happened before deputies used a search warrant signed by Huron County Juvenile and Probate Court Judge Timothy Cardwell. Norwalk police didn't participate in the March 25 raid.

Fulton has alleged it was a bad warrant at a Benedict Avenue triplex.

Howard told the Reflector on Monday a special investigator with the Holmes County Sheriff's Office "has found no wrongdoing on the parts of the detectives." In fact, Howard said there was no conversation between "my detectives and police personnel" in which Norwalk police reportedly warned Zander "about a bad search warrant" -- as alleged in a recent media report -- before the Benedict Avenue incident.

Also, the sheriff said it's obvious from the texts between Zander and Fulton that Fulton and possibly another Norwalk police detective planned on participating in the warrant just moments before the incident.

"I have released copies of the text messages of Detective (Kayla) Zander's cell phone. The text messages clearly show that detectives with the Norwalk Police Department took part in that warrant that day," Howard said.

The following is the full text, which Zander showed to the Reflector via her cell phone Monday morning. The sheriff authorized her to do so and then at the request of the Reflector, provided copies of the following correspondence:

Monday, March 24, 12:17 p.m.:

Zander: "Hey we are changing time to evening. You guys be back by then?"

Fulton: "Probably will be."

Zander: "You still want me to call coney?"

(Editor's note: "Coney" refers to police Capt. Mike Conney.)

Fulton: "This is a two day class supposes to be done earlier tomorrow."

Zander: "Want me to call coney?"

Fulton: "Just give him a heads of you have time."

Zander: "Ok. Thanks Fulton."

Tuesday, March 25, 5:18 p.m.:

Zander: "What time will you two be back?"

Fulton: "Back are you still hitting that place."

Zander: "Yea meet at so at 630."

Fulton: "Ok."

Fulton: "Not sure if we are going to make it. We are following a car that may be on a dope run. If you need more guys we can have someone from the Shift go."

Zander: "Ok I'll let you know thanks and good luck."

Fulton: "You too. Be safe. I will call you later."

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