Local man accused of placing bomb in backyard

Aaron Krause • Apr 22, 2014 at 9:07 PM

A Bellevue man suspected of leaving a chemical explosive device behind a Northwest Street home was due to appear in the city's municipal court today.

Bryan Hardy, 30, of 213 W. Center St., Bellevue, is accused of the incident. The device didn't explode.

Bellevue police Detective Marc A. Linder said a dispatcher notified him at 7:07 p.m. Saturday about a chemical explosive device found behind a home on Northwest Street. He was asked to respond to a Euclid Avenue address for the closest access.

Linder and two other officers found the device and spoke with a Northwest Street resident. According to a police report, the man told authorities he was mowing his yard when he observed a plastic bottle on the ground with aluminum foil balls inside.

"He advised he knew right away what it was from things he had seen and called the police," Linder wrote in his report.

Bellevue Fire Department personnel responded and moved the bottle slightly with a stick, but no reaction resulted. One of the responding officers, Sean M. Rohrbacher, poked a hole in the bottle, releasing pressure that remained inside.

"The bottle was a plastic orange juice bottle," officer Todd W. Trego wrote in his report. "The bottle was partially filled with a bluish green liquid and there were wads of tin foil inside as well. The cap to the bottle appeared to be cracked."

Rohrbacher said he knocked on the door of 214 Euclid Ave. and spoke with two juveniles. He asked them if they knew anything about a possible bomb lying in the backyard.

One of the boys said "a man by the name of Bryan" was at the house Friday night "and he had been talking about making a bomb."

While Rohrbacher spoke with the youngster, a woman who identified herself as the homeowner appeared. Officers advised her about a possible bomb that was made and placed in her back yard. The woman asked one of the boys if he knew anything about it, and he told the homeowner "a guy by the name of Bryan had made a bomb in the front yard" but when she came home from work Hardy took off running to the backyard. The homeowner said she was unaware of a bomb in her backyard, police said.

Linder said another resident of 214 Euclid stated he "watched Bryan make it." Linder said the man stated "he had handed Bryan some of the aluminum foil to put in the plastic bottle." Linder said he told the man he knew about the device, noticed it had been left in the backyard and did nothing about it.

"I advised him he may also be charged for his participation in the incident," Linder wrote.

The man, who is not being named because he hasn't been charged with a crime, reportedly told police he saw the suspect go on the computer in the home and look up information on how to make pressure bombs and smoke bombs.

Trego said the homeowner let him research the Internet's browsing history.

"Looking at the browsing history, there were two links that were visited reference making bombs," Trego wrote, adding photographs were taken of the browsing history.

Linder called Hardy and asked Rohrbacher to go to his house and bring him to the Bellevue police station.

"Hardy admitted to making the device and stated he did not make it to harm or hurt any person or property," Linder wrote.

After police conferred with a prosecutor, Hardy was charged with failure to secure a dangerous ordinance.

"He stated he realizes he should have not left the bottle in the back yard," Linder wrote. "He advised he knows he should have emptied the bottle and disposed of it properly. I did speak with Hardy about making devices like that and the dangers with doing so. Hardy advised he understood and that he was sorry for his actions," Linder wrote.

Hardy signed a bond sheet, releasing himself on a personal recognizance bond. That means he signed a court document promising he would appear in court and therefore didn't have to post a monetary bond.

Hardy was expected in court at 9:30 this morning.

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