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Great Grandpa Beebe: People will be living on Mars soon

Anonymous • Jan 15, 2014 at 12:07 PM

By Great Grandpa Beebe

"Star Wars" — One of the most engaging, thought provoking examples of science-fiction. It midas well have it’s own culture, it’s own ideological spot in the psyche of America and the world. It was a Hollywood movie made in 1977 that changed how we expected to be entertained. After this point the quality of the idea was just as important as the fantastic worlds created to suspend our disbelief.

I just watched "Star Wars" for the first time in years. I used to watch the trilogy every summer when I was in grade school in the 1990s. I was amazed that the movie still took me awestruck after all these years. Of course I have my own life now, my own explorations, and I think about problems in society and the solutions that are possible. A general statement on my conclusions is humanity is happy being a part of something bigger than themselves. The people who worked on "Star Wars" had a blast putting that together, you can just tell by watching. Funny details to catch you off guard, relatable characters turned into heros, a deeper meaning in the conflict, all of it a hair-brained righteous excuse to be a part of something bigger than themselves!

Eight years after we landed on the Moon we created "Star Wars." It almost rode off the coattails of one of our biggest achievements in 1969 which arguably was one of the greatest eras of art and music as well. I romanticize about the excitement of the 60s and 70s but still know well of the great turmoil during the era offset the more “flowery feelings.”

The question is where are we now? It's 2014 and we are about eight years from becoming a multi-planetary species. People will be living on Mars soon. This is something we are a part of that’s bigger than ourselves, this is excitement. If you’ve been paying attention to any science news in the last decade you already know the great amount of change that is happening and it’s merely the tipping point for what comes next!  Advanced robotics & 3-D printing, plasma space propulsion, smart materials, nano-scaled “microscopes” and the list goes on and on.

While the cowboy riding, galaxy hopping predicted in "Star Wars" looks fun, and the World’s Fair Art Decco of yesterday opened eyes, the actual future is made up of choices we make each day. Keep your head up and look forward, the future is really happening! Suspend your disbelief, let go of the trivial, and embrace the inevitable. It’s time to start reinventing definitions of words like job, education, and renaissance.  

EDITOR’S NOTE: Great Grandpa Beebe is a Norwalk resident, local musician and works at Midget Motors Supply.

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