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WITH PHOTO: Cops recover car, seek ID of suspect

Joe Centers • Sep 18, 2013 at 2:24 PM

Police have recovered a car stolen from a gas pump in Norwalk, but are working on identifying the suspect.

A Cline Street woman’s 2000 Oldsmobile Alero was stolen from a gas pump at Schild’s IGA on Milan Avenue about 4:10 p.m. Monday. The Norwalk Police Department recovered the car at Miller Landscape & Gardens on Sand Road east of the city.

“It doesn’t look like there was any damage,” Capt. Eric Hipp said.

“The detectives did lift fingerprints off the vehicle. Hopefully, that will help us with identification. … We’re still trying to identify him.”

Hipp said there aren’t any witnesses to the theft, but police have obtained surveillance footage of the male suspect.

Before the theft, the victim left her car at the gas pump.

“She went into the cafe side and apparently left her keys in the ignition,” Hipp said. “She came back out and her car was gone.”

The suspect had been in the grocery store. Hipp said the man apparently walked by the woman’s car and saw the keys were there.

In the video, the man in a light blue button-down shirt and khaki pants walks through the automatic doors of the grocery store. He then walks into the parking lot, around the passenger side of the car to the front before opening the driver’s side door and drives away.

The suspect drove in front of a red car before leaving the scene, according to the footage.

Anyone with information about the theft is encouraged to call the Norwalk Police Department at (419) 663-6780 or 668-3311.

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