Meth lab products found in Plymouth apartment

Cary Ashby • May 11, 2013 at 2:07 PM

Village police are submitting 25 drug-related items seized from a Plymouth apartment for testing. A detective said some of the evidence is suspected of being related to manufacturing methamphetamine.

Some of the items being submitted to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) are a marijuana pipe and glass pipes plus various hoses, caps and bottles. Plymouth Police Detective Cameron Dailey said the items are "everything needed to make meth."

Police became aware of the situation when Officers Krystal Kessler and Arthur Tenore were on foot patrol Tuesday and checked in with the manager of the Plymouth Villa apartments on Park Avenue.

"We do a lot of routine foot patrols. We've been doing that for about eight months," Dailey said.

The manager reported there was a leak in apartment 5 and she couldn't get anybody to answer the door. At her request, the officers accompanied the manager to the apartment.

"They had to go in the unit," Dailey said.

The manager went directly into the bathroom and officers saw a plate containing a powdery substance on the medical cabinet, he said.

Once in the nearby bedroom, Kessler saw a "pot pipe sitting there on the shelf," Dailey said.

Kessler called Dailey about seeing suspected meth-related items and had everyone evacuate the apartment. Dailey, who advised the officer not to let anyone enter the apartment, notified the Huron County Prosecutor's Office about the situation.

About that time, the 23-year-old apartment occupant called police to report being threatened, Dailey said. She then met the detective at her apartment.

"(She) gave full consent to search and even helped us search," Dailey said. "She claimed there have been other people staying there."

When the detective found an unknown substance in a bottle, they again evacuated the apartment and Dailey called BCI meth specialists. BCI agents responded, processed the scene and tested the bottle.

"We're not sure what's in the bottle, but it wasn't a hazard," Dailey said. "(BCI) agreed with us that meth had been made (there) before."

Charges are pending the results of the lab tests.

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