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Mill Street Bistro theft resolved

Scott Seitz2 • Mar 17, 2013 at 2:43 PM

Throughout the entire process, Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy has remained positive.

Nagy and his restaurant have been in the national spotlight recently after the Mill Street Bistro was featured in two episodes of the FOX television show "Kitchen Nightmares" which aired March 1 and 8.

The episodes showed some intense exchanges between Nagy and Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Nagy has said all along his intention was to bring publicity to the restaurant and hopefully land a chef at the same time.

Lost in the whole shuffle was an alleged incident which took place in summer 2012 when crews were in Norwalk filming the episodes.

According to a Norwalk police report dated July 16, 2012, Nagy filed a complaint and alleged several items were stolen from the restaurant during filming and the bistro was damaged.

Nagy said in the report "a film crew had filmed 'Kitchen Nightmares' at his business and the entourage had left without notice in the early morning hours."

Nagy claimed his restaurant was damaged due to the additional wiring and lighting fixtures that were placed into the ceiling panels.

Nagy also stated a rondeau cooking pot, valued at about $250, and a plastic container that had several elk steaks or chops were missing when the film crew left, according to the police report.

The total loss and damage was reported to be about $1,500, police said.

Nagy said Wednesday the situation has since been settled.

He also added many vendors were in and out of the restaurant during filming.

"This theft incident was resolved with the show's production company," Nagy said.

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