Police dad helps falling son, dog

Cary Ashby • Feb 12, 2013 at 3:07 PM

It wasn't just a case of one cop helping another in a jam.

The incident in Bellevue was a case of a father keeping his son and police dog from falling.

The Bellevue Police Department requested a canine unit from the Huron County Sheriff's Office assist in locating and apprehending a suspect wanted on a felony warrant Saturday. Deputy Josh Kaufman and his dog Gunny responded to the 100 block of Grove Street, where police suspected the wanted man, Dustin Bean, 22, was hiding in the attic.

Also at the scene was the deputy's father, Bellevue Police Sgt. Mark Kaufman.

"Officers, believing the suspect may be armed, called into the attic space. Then after getting no response, police sent in the (canine unit) to search for him," according to a deputy's report.

The father, son and Gunny went into the crawl space "after numerous calls" to Bean, Maj. Greg Englund said.

Deputy Kaufman warned the suspect he would release the dog if he didn't come out from hiding. Englund said Bean eventually told the deputy he would exit and advised him not to send the dog after him.

"After a short time, the dog located Bean hiding in the rafters and fearing he may be bitten by the dog, he responded to the officers and began coming out of hiding," the report states.

Englund said the ceiling suddenly gave away and as the dog fell through, Deputy Kaufman grabbed Gunny's lead.

"The dog was just swinging," the sheriff's spokesman said.

Seeing the precarious situation, that's when Kaufman's father jumped into action. Englund said Sgt. Kaufman feared his son would be pulled down and fall through the ceiling.

"His father actually grabbed the dog and his son and pulled them to safety," Englund said.

The deputy and Gunny, after being hoisted back up, found a more sturdy place in the attic.

Officers then took Bean into custody without further incident. The man was arrested on an unspecified felony warrant and also was charged with obstruction of official business. Bean is being held at the Sandusky County Jail.

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