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VIDEO: Sheriff dealing with jail jumpers

Scott Seitz2 • Dec 5, 2012 at 9:03 AM

The Huron County Sheriff's Office is dealing with two separate incidents during which inmates have tried to harm themselves.

The first was Sunday and involved Jamichael Randleman, 21, of 139 First St., New London.

Sheriff Dane Howard said Randleman was in the booking area when he jumped from a bench on to the floor in an attempt to harm himself.

"He complained of injuries to his lower body," Howard said.

Randleman was transferred from the jail to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and then on to a Toledo hospital.

"Unfortunately, the situation gets worse from there," Howard said.

Randleman was shackled to a hospital bed in Toledo, with just one hand free when he attempted to obtain Deputy Lindsay Miles' firearm.

"The deputy had to use some force to maintain her weapon," the sheriff said. "Deputy Miles acted professionally and rapidly."

Howard said any charges from this incident would come through the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office.

Randleman was originally housed at the Huron County Jail on a theft charge.

"This is the fourth time Randleman has tried to harm himself in an obvious effort to get out of jail," the sheriff said. "He has a past practice of similar events."

Howard said each time Randleman needs medical care, it costs the taxpayers.

Randleman was due back at the Huron County Jail late Monday and Howard said there would be no more self-inflicted injuries.

"He will be placed in the restraint chair with the corrections helmet," Howard said.

The corrections helmet is a kind of "football helmet" some inmates have to wear so they do not hurt themselves.

"If people don't want to be here, then don't break the law," Howard said.

But unfortunately for the HCSO, another incident occurred Monday.

Concepcion Hernandez, 23, of 230 Plymouth St., Plymouth, was ready to begin a 15-day sentence on a domestic violence charge.

Howard said as soon as two deputies left the pod where Hernandez was located, Hernandez "walked up the steps, climbed to the top of the security fence and jumped."

Howard said the deputy on video surveillance saw Hernandez in action and called for deputies, but it happened too fast.

It was about a 20-foot drop.

Hernandez was injured, but Howard said he could not elaborate.

"The security fence was installed to prevent this from happening," the sheriff said. "The holes are so small you can't get your fingers or toes in there."

Hernandez was then transferred to a Toledo hospital.

The jail was on lockdown Monday.

"If we can get some charges filed on this maybe we can curb some of this in the future," Howard said.

"After each incident, we're adding more and more safety precautions," Lt. Chris Stanfield added.

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