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Ohio’s Scrap metal online registry is now available

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Nov 26, 2012 at 1:35 PM

Senate Bill 193, which created a mandatory online registry for scrap metal and bulk merchandise container dealers is now available on Ohio Homeland Security’s website https://ext.dps.state.oh.us/Scra.... The online registry aims to create an infrastructure within the industry to crack down on scrap theft, thereby protecting Ohio’s infrastructure by focusing on the end point - the dealers and recycling facilities.

Whether it is the theft of railroad spikes and rails or copper communication lines, scrap metal theft presents a significant threat to Ohio’s infrastructure. These types of thefts can create disruptions in communication services and dangers to the public.

In addition to the online registry, the Department of Public Safety continues to offer training for both law enforcement officers and representatives from the scrap metal industry. The training provides a comprehensive overview of the bill. Attendees will also receive information on how and where to register, what penalties can result for failure to comply with the revised law and ways to determine if someone may be attempting to scrap stolen property.

For more information regarding the training dates and locations, please visit http://homelandsecurity.ohio.gov...

If you See Something, Say Something. Contact Ohio Homeland Security at 1-877-OHS-INTEL or for emergencies, call 911.

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