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McDonald's wants to add second drive-through; Norwalk delays decision on granting request

Scott Seitz2 • Sep 19, 2012 at 2:00 PM

Norwalk City Council has delaying acting on a request to give back to McDonald's land that would allow the fast-food restaurant to add a second drive-through lane.

Council on Tuesday tabled the ordinance dealing with the vacation of property near the northside McDonald's on Milan Avenue. The property, if vacated, would be used to punch out the parking lot and add a second drive-through.

"They gave (the land) to us originally," Councilman Chris Mushett said. "The city has no further use for it so this makes sense. If this helps them out, then great."

The legislation was sent to the city's planning and zoning commission for its recommendation. After that, an announcement about the matter has to be published in the paper for six to nine weeks, "so this will be a while," Mushett said.

The ordinance would vacate a portion of the Milan Avenue parallel access street. The existing parking areas and roadway will not change.

McDonald's currently maintains the property and was not originally compensated for the donation.

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