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Cops shut down heroin-sale operation at Norwalk motel

Aaron Krause • Jun 14, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Two neighbors are behind bars after a drug bust in a Norwalk motel room netted 88 balloons of heroin, drug-related paraphernalia and a small amount of prescription medicine.

Michael L. Richardson, 28, of 1531 U.S. 250, New London and Lora J. Youngless, 30, of 1546 U.S. 250, New London were arrested Sunday and taken to the Huron County Jail. They were charged with trafficking in drugs containing heroin, a fifth-degree felony and possession of drugs of a scheduled 1 or 2 substance, a third degree felony.

Norwalk police received an anonymous tip that Richardson was selling heroin from a Norwalk motel room, which he had been renting since Friday. As a result of an investigation, authorities obtained a search warrant to enter the room.

"Information was obtained which indicated that Michael L. Richardson was selling heroin from his motel room," police said. "This information was corroborated through surveillance and other investigation."

Norwalk Police Capt. Mike Conney said the pair were selling the heroin balloons for $30 a piece. It is unknown how much heroin they sold, Conney added.

"It's unfortunately becoming more frequent," Conney said about such drug sales.

The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected.

If you have any information regarding this incident, call the Norwalk police at (419) 663-6780.

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