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River of blood? Norwalk, Milan residents concerned

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Apr 28, 2011 at 12:02 AM

In a scene reminiscent of the first of the 10 plagues on Egypt in Bible times, a tributary to the Huron River in the Shawmill Road/Lais Road area outside Milan looked as if it had turned to blood Wednesday afternoon.

But the red substance wasn’t blood, and it wasn’t the work of Almighty God. Norwalk firefighters suspect American Coating Specialist took equipment to Norwalk Waste Materials Co. and the bio-degradable dye leaked into the waste water.

(NOTE: To see more photos, click HERE.)

Environmentally, the dye is nothing to worry about, according to fire department, which received about a half dozen calls about the matter.

More information about this story will appear in the Norwalk Reflector.

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