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'Mustang' needs more than a tune up; donations sought for dog with heartworm

Aaron Krause • Feb 17, 2011 at 4:00 PM

Simon the Beagle got a second chance at life after becoming ill, thanks to community support.

So did Chico the boxer/bulldog mix.

Now Mustang the Great Dane needs help after health care providers discovered, through a routine exam, about six weeks ago he had heartworm. If heartworm is left untreated, it is fatal.

The Huron County Humane Society (HCHS) was able to raise the necessary funds for Chico's extensive treatment and he was adopted recently. Simon is still living and is somebody's pet after being diagnosed with cancer about 11 years ago. Mustang is in the hospital receiving treatment and the HCHS will place him with a foster family when he gets out.

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