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Wm. J. Angell awarded trip

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:06 PM

JAN. 23, 1927

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 81 years ago:

Hi school boy wins title contest;

Wm. J. Angell awarded trip

to Cleveland Auto Show

Here are the prize winners selected by the judges from more than 500 titles suggested as best fitting the Auto Show contest picture, which is shown above.

First Prize - An Amazon for an Amazon," William J. Angell, West Main St., Norwalk, O. Two tickets to the Cleveland Auto Show, transportation for two on the LSE Norwalk to Cleveland and return; $5 meal at Hotel Cleveland.

Second Prize - "The Ruling Party Seeks a Fit Running Mate," Mrs Lillian C. Kellogg, Peru, two tickets to the Cleveland Auto Show

Third Prize - "The Reign of the Amazon," J.N. Overbaugh, State St., Norwalk, O., two tickets to the Cleveland Auto Show.

Clerk release causes rumpus

A cause of much comment at the court house and throughout the city is the release of three girl clerks in the office of County Auditor A.S. Vail.

The discharged clerks are the Misses Ida Leslie, Violet Suhr and Alice Fuller. All three say they were not informed as to the cause of their dismissal.

County Auditor Vail today is in Columbus with Deputy County Sealer Walter I. Woodward and County Commissioner N.W. Lee.

A report has circulated that the action was taken to cut expenses and that the county commissioners had a hand in the matter. County Commissioner Homer Fish today stated that the board of commissioners had nothing to do with the matter. Mr. Fish asserted that the clerks in the office were efficient and that they have never been putting in a full measure of time.

Miss Leslie gave up her work as soon as she was informed her services were not required. But the Misses Fuller and Suhr decided to remain another week, upon advice form a prominent county official.

The three girls released are very popular. Many declare that all are highly capable and that they have been faithful to their clerical duties.

From the earliest days the county auditor's office has been a place of excessive work but within the last 10 years or so, the legislature has from time to time vastly increased the labor required in the office through new legislation...

...Miss Fuller, this morning, asserted that she believed she had been released because Mrs. Vail, wife of the auditor, had not been invited to a party given recently for court house girls. Mrs. Vail is employed as a clerk in the office of her husband.

All of the girls released are highly indignant. One of them this morning referred to the wife of the auditor as "Ma Ferguson.

Grandstander gives basketball coaches trouble

Ohio coaches are having their troubles with the basketball player who is more interested in grandstand work than team play. Many forwards and centers and guards who can make points for their teams are not represented in the scoring column simply because their teammates will not feed them the ball.

Norwalk fans recall the fact that Walter Thomas, one of the best forwards who ever shot at a loop, was every ready to pass the ball to another man when he was in a better position to try for a goal.

Ray Chapin, a former high school man, ranked as an unique player. Many thought him rather slow and remarked that he made comparatively few baskets. But it was learned in time that whenever Chapin was in the game, Norwalk's team work ran smoothly. It was his team play that made him of great value. Local coaches have little to complain of granstanders this season, however

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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