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VIDEO - Storm damage in Norwalk

bigjoe • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:05 PM

Storms downed trees and flooded roads overnight in Huron County.

Some Norwalk residents lost power and experienced damage to their property.

High winds also blew part of the roof off of the salt storage facility at the county highway department on Jefferson Street in Norwalk.

Jason Roblin, assistant director of the emergency management agency, said Clifton Street, Reed street and Corwin Street in Norwalk were closed because of damage.

The bulk of the damage in Norwalk appeared to be on the west side of the town. Numerous trees were down in the Marian and Morley drive areas.

John Kinney, 9 Marian Drive, had a tree fall on the back of his house. He was waiting this morning for the insurance adjuster to check out the damage,

"One of many that was hit pretty good," Kinney said. "It seemed like it came right down our street."

Chuck Coy, 28 Marian Drive, was checking out the damage this morning to his neighbor's house.

"Boy, I'll tell you, the old wind really howled last night," Coy said. "The transformer was barking and carrying on."

Winds of up 63 mph overnight toppled trees and power lines, leaving at least 50,000 homes without power throughout Ohio this morning. Most of the outages were in the central and northeast parts of the state.

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