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Scout likes skills learned

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:11 PM

When I think about scouting, I think about all of the skills that each one of these boys in Scouts and I get from the program. It is quite amazing to see a scout grow. I have looked back to see myself grow from the rank of Tiger, achieve arrow of light, the highest ranking in Cub Scouts, start Boy Scouts and gain the ranking of Life Scout.

When people talk about Eagle Scouts and say that it is a very honorable, prestigious rank, they are telling the truth. The percentage of Scouts that make it to the rank of Eagle is extremely low.

Now working on my Eagle Scout project, I look back to all of the adults and older Scouts who have helped me on this path toward Eagle Scout. I now live by the Scout Law and Oath and its teachings.

I use the skills I have gained from scouting on a daily basis and I know that all of the future Scouts to come will learn these skills and cherish them for the rest of their lives as I have cherished them through mine. I have been taught to tie knots that most people have never even heard that will save someone's life who is hanging from a cliff. I have been taught basic first aid that the everyday person should know, but most likely doesn't. My whole Boy Scout Troop is certified in CPR and can perform it well. I have gone to Boy Scout camp and have had the time of my life, while learning how to swim a 1/4 mile and rescue a drowning victim.

When I think of scouting, I have to think of all of the volunteers of not only time, but also money. This great organization of scouting is a non-profit organization. I personally think scouting is an amazing program and every boy should at least try it.

My mom got involved in scouting when my brother, who is now a senior in high school, was in first grade and the pack he was joining needed a Den Leader. Well, needless to say, my mom was the only one to raise her hand and volunteer. She was my brother's Den Leader and Assistant Cubmaster for almost five years and then was my Den Leader also. She loved scouting so much she wanted to work for them, which is when she began to work for the council. Needing to go back to school, but still wanting to work for the Boy Scouts, she began working at the Scout Store at Camp Firelands, the beloved camp of many scouts. My family is very much into scouting and are happy we are. They are helping me achieve my Eagle Scout award and finish my Eagle Scout project.

But most of all when I think of Scouting, I think of the smiling faces of the boys in Scouts at the meetings, merit badge classes, service projects, and camping. I think this alone is enough to think that scouting is the greatest program in the world.

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