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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:12 PM



Keith L. and Kimberly S. Zoller or survivor to Jeffrey D. and Lashelle R. Wagner or survivor, 412 Goodrich Road, $122,000.

Kenneth M. and Mary S. Dendinger to Kenneth M. Dendinger etal., 150 Wood St., $38,250.

Sean E. and Mary F. Thompson or survivor to Sean E. Thompson, 509 Sandusky St.


Erie Blacktop Inc. and Ohio Corp. to Dean and Teresa J. Wikel or survivor, Old State Road, Ohio 601, Ohio 113, .

Dean and Teresa J. Wikel or survivor to Christopher A. and Suzanne M. Schaffer or survivor, Ohio 601, Old State Road.

Mark McIlrath aka Mark McLlrath to Daniel C. and Patricia E. Shupe or survivor, Ohio 601, $30,000.

New London

Sunney Denson to Cynthia L. Keener, 78 First St., $17,500.


Billetter Homan and Shaffoe Inc. to Larry J. and V. Darlene Lay or survivor, 28 Falcon Crest Dr., $221,490.

Wells Fargo Bank to Brian Patrick Chase, 18 Marian Dr., $64,000.

Joan R. Smith trustee to Michael L. and Debora L. McKain or survivor with life estate to Joan Smith, 133 Milan Ave.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Brian Patrick Chase, 22 Forest St., $63,000.

Norwalk Restaurants Inc. An Ohio Corp. to Allison Rentals LLC, 170 Milan Ave., $230,000.

Bette L. Sommer etal. to Joni Blystone etal., 27 Homewood Ave.

Mark A. and Kail E. Shope or survivor to Jordan A. and Taryn R. Moore or survivor, 18 Norwood Ave., $97,900.

Billetter Homan and Shaffoe Inc. to Wilma J. Bacigalupo, 24 Falcon Crest Dr., $145,500.


Karla Sue Carratola to Karla Sue Carratola trustee, 513 Willow Dr.

James B. McCormack to Robert and Noel Fusco or survivor, 63 Park Ave., $15,500.

Plymouth Village Apartments LLC to Plymouth Village Apartments Ltd., 1000 Sandusky St., $1,550,000.


Church of God of Prophecy of Ohio Inc. to The Living Truth Community Church, 631 S. Main St., $75,250.

Stanley E. and Gaylynne Matthews or survivor to Secretary of HUD, 232 Motson St.

Michael A. Donna J. Lillo or survivor to Wes Gardner Building and Decorating Inc., $60,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee to Gregory A. Ousley, 6 West Ave., $14,000.

Gary L. and Carolyn S. Kuhn or survivor to Wes Gardner Inc., 622 Linden Lane, $38,500.

Gospel Baptist Church of Galion to Calvary Baptist Church Inc., 727 Myrtle Ave., $80,000.


Clarksfield Twp.

Windfall Acres LLC to Mark A. and Diane M. Schaffer or survivor, 593 Ohio 60, $936,000.

Greenwich Twp.

J. Ralph and Martha E. Paxton or survivor to James Everett Paxton, Tilton Street.

Russ Robison trustee to Russ Robison and Zelda Collins co trustee, Baseline Road.

Hartland Twp.

Michael J. Nutter and Sheri A. Chappelear to Jeffrey L. Fannin, 1555 Hartland Center Road, $71,500.

New Haven Twp.

G. Eric Waldhaus and Kirk Waldhaus to G. Eric Waldhaus, 1614 Green Bush Road, $19,500.

Annette E. Barnett trustee to Robert L. Barnett trustee, 4125 Mills Road.

New London Twp.

Elmer G. Draves to Elmer G. Draves and Mark A. Schaffer, 1056 Ohio 60 North, $243,600.

Norwalk Twp.

Vivian C. Armstrong to David and Dawn Steffanni, Ohio 61 East, $139,542.

David and Dawn Steffanni to Robert J. Welfle and Dennis A. Welfle or survivor, Ohio 61 East, $177,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ronald A. Hamisfar, 1045 Ohio 61.

Allan aka Allan Lee and Marianne D. Hohman or survivor to Allan L. aka Allan aka Allan Lee Hohman, 601 Seminary Road.

Norwich Twp.

Richard K. Bivens and Shawn M. Bivens to Richard K. Bivens, 4745 Egypt Road.

Peru Twp.

John M. and Janet R. Helmstetter trustees to John M. and Janet R. Helmstetter trustees, 1624 Remelle Road.

Ripley Twp.

James Allen and Lacreasha Jean Johnston or survivor to Mary Elizabeth and Edward F., Jr. Martin or survivor, 4260 Old State Road, $95,000.

Townsend Twp.

Renee M. Whitney to American General Financial, 3287 Hartland Center Road, $33,334.

Virgil and Pricie Mae Willingham to Virgil Willingham, 2701 Hartland Center Road.

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