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Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:09 PM



Ernest M. Widner trustee to Estill G. and Joyce Cooksey or survivor, 612 Northwest St., $82,500.


Cadeen Patton to Mark A. and Victoria L. Risner or survivor, 27 Townsend St., $62,000.

James E. and Pamela Hall survivor to Pamela Hall, 57 Main St. E.


Joseph G. Widman to Joseph G. and Barbara J. Widman or survivor, 213 Whittlesey Ave.

Tommi M. Gruhn to Tommi M. and Ryan C. Wooten or survivor, 10 Laurel Lane.

Martha J. Jones to Kimberly A. Stoll, 28 Stoutenburg Dr., $123,000.

Mary R. Smith aka Mary Rose to Maxine Fair and Sharon Lehmann, 17 N. Garden St.

Mark T. and Vickie L. Beatty or survivor to Matthew A. Clum, 5 Quail Hollow Dr. E., $165,000.


Frank K. and Brenda C. Hodge to Brenda C. Hodge, 105 Park St.


Robert L. and Barbara D. King or survivor to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 12 River St.


Catherine E. Rice to Robert S. and Kasey Y. Cinninger, 549 Butte St., $115,000.

Richard D. and Miriam R. Jueckstock or survivor to Robert W. and Carol J. Cole trustees, 809 Kennedy Dr., $176,000.


Greenfield Twp.

Benedict John Phillips to Benedict John and Marilyn Kay Phillips or survivor, 101 Sandy Trail.

Lyme Twp.

Ronald E. and Patricia M. Neill or survivor to Ronald E. and Patricia M. Neill trustees, Ohio 113 and Prairie Road.

New Haven Twp.

First National Bank of Shelby to Donald and Crissy Owsley or survivor, 2731 Ohio 99, 2727 Ohio 99, and Electric Avenue, $6,500.

New London Twp.

Derek L. Whitaker to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 5847 Foxglove Dr.

Richmond Twp.

Theodore and Hilda A. Stope or survivor to Gregory L. Swartzmiller, Daniel L. Swartzmiller, and Curtis A. Swartzmiller, Ohio 224, $236,300.

Ripley Twp.

Charles E., Sr. and Bonnie B. Ruggles or survivor to Irvin O. and Martha S. Zimmerman or survivor, 770 Ohio 224, $577,700.

Sherman Twp.

Mary C. Bumb trustee to Michael J. Bumb trustee successor, Ohio 4.

David P. Bumb trustee etal. with life estate of Mary C. Bumb to David P. Bumb trustee etal., Bismark Road.

Lawrence W. Bumb and Kenneth A. Bumb with life estate of Mary C. Bumb to Lawrence W. Bumb and Kenneth A. Bumb, Heyman Road.

Michael J. Bumb etal. to David P. Bumb trustee etal, Section Line 30 Road.

Wakeman Twp.

Clyde E. and Hazel W. Wilson or survivor to John K. and Keely A. Krumwiede or survivor, Wake Townline Road, $287,735.

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