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Mayor Lesch on the fence

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:08 PM

With Ohio’s primary just weeks away, several Ohio Democratic officials have recently endorsed either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the presidential race.

But Norwalk Mayor Sue Lesch said she won’t jump on the endorsement bandwagon for either candidate because still hasn’t made up her mind who she will vote for on March 4.

“They’re both good,” Lesch said. “I’m waiting for them to come to Ohio. I’m listening and learning like everyone else.”

Lesch said the Democrats can’t go wrong with either candidate.

“I’m proud that the Democratic party has the first viable woman candidate for president and the first viable black candidate,” she said. “Either one would be a good choice.”

The Akron Beacon-Journal reported that Clinton’s campaign staff distributed a list of about 100 current and former office holders from Ohio that have endorsed the New York senator. Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, had four campaign stops scheduled this week in Ohio.

Obama has gotten endorsements from several Ohio politicians, but a spokesman for his office said Clinton has more support from the political establishment in the state, according to the Beacon-Journal story.

 Before now, few local public officials had made presidential endorsements.

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