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May is Motorist Awareness Month

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Oct 29, 2015 at 12:14 PM

BELLEVUE — The members of Chapter K2, Bellevue, would like to remind drivers that May is Motorist Awareness Month. Chapter members belong to the Gold Wing Road Riders Association of Ohio, Region D.

To start the May is Motorist Awareness campaign, the members did a meet and greet at the Bellevue post office last week. This was in conjunction with the post office cancellation stamp in honor of Motorist Awareness. If you collect cancellation stamps and would like a copy, contact the Bellevue post office or Alice Schauss at (440) 839-2194. You can get a copy of the stamp until the end of May.

The purpose of the "Ride Aware" campaign is to bring attention to the need to have drivers made aware of the Motorcyclists that use the Road and Byways of the Great Nation. The campaign's goal is to reduce the number of crashes, conflict situations and close calls arising between motorcycles, trikes and other roadway users in our evolving, modern high environment.

The Division's two-fold mission is to provide information to motorcyclists on means to reduce conflict with other roadway users and the environment in which they ride; and the other half is to inform motorists of means to reduce crashes, near misses and conflicts with motorcyclists.

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